Jan 25, 2012

Grow Up and Blow Away~

Skirt: DreamV
Boots: Spring

Just an experiment with a more mature & darker look. I finally got my roots done that day by Viki and we tried Sultra curling iron on my hair. The result were gorgeous soft waves that I absolutely adore. I seriously need that baby in my life.

I hadn't worn black for a while so this was a refreshing change. I finally got to wear my beloved Napoleon-style skirt from DreamV. A gold cross necklace was put together to complete the look .

For some reasons, I think  in the photos taken with iPhone, I look so much better than those taken with my camera. Anyway, I absolutely love this look since it is quite different than my usual style.

What do you think?

I hung out with my girls that night, checking out a popular noodle soup place in Richmond. You can make/customize your noodle soup from broth, noodle type, topping & drink for $7.50, which is quite a good deal.

The service was prompt and the portion was generous. We all enjoyed our food, although the broth was a bit too salty for my liking. I would definitely come back there ~.

Afterwards, since we were all too stuffed to go for cheesecake/BBT, we headed back to one of the girl's house and chatted for quite a while. Mostly it involved venting our frustration about work & a bit gossipping . Overall, a great girl night .

Until next time 

Jan 24, 2012

Liz Lisa Spring Collection 2012 - Love Pasterine

How is everyone doing?

Just a short update. I want to share with you upcoming releases of Liz Lisa for Spring 2012. The collection is called Love Pasterine.

I absolutely adore the dress on the right. The design reminds me much of Snidel Lace series. I also like how the look was put together with a nude bowler hat and cowboy boots, yet still look extremely feminine.

Those nude wedges/boots are so much love.

I need a knit cardigan like that in my wardrobe.

The shorts are one of my favourite, need-to-get this spring~.

The more I look at the nude vest, the more I want it. Although I dislike how unflattering its shape is :(.

This romper is just so cute , even though I don't think I can pull it off .

The top design has been done over and over again with different floral print yet I can't seem to get enough of it...

This dress is instant love. Definitely my most favourite, besides the blue dress in the first photo.

Trends to Note:
Pastel Nudy color Floral 
Retro Girly High-waisted

Overall, I'm loving the new collection. Although the hair style of the models in this shoots bugs me a little bit. In some shots, they look quite frizzy/messy. I generally prefer smooth waves or softer curls, to be honest. Anyway, those were my thoughts~. Let me know yours .

What do you think about the new collection?