Nov 24, 2010

First post ^^

I finally get around to get a blog here :).
I used to have blogs long time before on Yahoo!360 and LJ. However, considering how much I have changed during the past few years, I decided to start from scratch 'v'.

So hey, nice to meet you all ^v^~.
My name is Sharon. Nationality unknown, age unknown xP. Currently a student. Residing in beautiful Vancouver at the moment. Having two lovely sisters. Always broke since I am a shopaholic <_<. I have many interests but most of the time it involves dressing up and photos :). I am somewhat fickle, always changing focus and rather blunt when I want to be ^^. So please, bear with me if you can ^__^.

I am a big Japanese street fashion fans; however, lolita and gyaru are my main interests :). I cosplay sometimes, mostly convention and private photoshoots 'v'. Here is a picture of ❤Helena
(on right side) and I during AE 2010.


This blog will be mainly for casual purposes, aka my dump of everday life, update of wardrobe, my styles and random nerdy stuffs ^^. Hopefully some reviews and tutorials in the future :)?

Till then, peace out ~~~