Mar 31, 2011

Upon a sunny Saturday

Since I had work on Saturday evening, which called for simple black dress+cardigan =_=, I had settled on my floral Liz Lisa coat, simple straight hair and of course, not without my favourite Angelic Pretty bow; because hey, a small touch can make an emphasis on the whole look, right ♥?

During my limited free time on Saturday, my boyfriend decided to take my sister, Helena and me to the famed Memphis Blues BBQ, which won the title Best Barbeque in Van for past five years, for lunch. The restaurant is something out of the TV Show Diner, Drive Ins and Dives. It's just so... American lol, with all the painting and blues music in the background. Not that I mind, I certainly have nothing against blue; just the atmosphere is not something I am used to~.
Without our consent, my boyfriend decided to treat us to Memphis Platter: Pulled pork, sausage, brisket, ribs, chicken, fries served with two sauces, coleslaw and potatoes. And OH-MY-GOD, there is so sooo much meat T___T. I seriously had no idea why he got so much food for just three people!

However, I must concede that their bbq meat are quite delicious. At the same time, I felt like I had been stuffing too much food, so much that I did not feel hungry even at the end of work, like nine hours later? Lol. 

After our too-much-calories-intake-to-be-able-to-count meal, we headed towards La Casa Gelato, the place with +200 flavours of ice-cream! Because, hey, might as well get more calories! *get shot*... 

Coat: Liz Lisa
Boots: DreamV
Bow: Angelic Pretty

There are numerous interesting flavour such as Wasabi, Balsamic Vinegar and Chili Chocolate, which I had so much fun forcing my boyfriend tried since he has absolutely no tolerance towards spicy food! Poor baby xDDD! In the end, I decided on Orange Vodka (cause Vodka is ♥) and Bailey Coconut and my sis chose Cherry Pie~. I must say La Casa Gelato is one of my favourite dessert place, although definitely not on my frequentl-visited place since getting frequent brain-freeze is big no-no lol. But overall, if you ever got the chance to visit Vancouver, or you are a Vancouver-er but never been here before, why not go there and trying all the unique ice-cream flavours :)?

Spring has come♥ = New Purchases and Make ♥

Spring means more floral, more pink, more bows, more laces and cute trench coats♥! I am so glad to be able to break out my dresses and enjoy sunshine and the sign of cherry blossoms xD. Gotta make sure I am able to attend Cherry Blossom Festival with my sis in our haven't-got-a-chance-to-wear yukata! I have been missing out for so long *grumble grumble*

Here are my line-up purchases for spring ♥:

A floral coat from Liz Lisa, pink trench coat from Tralala, two Golds Infinity top ♥ and a floral dress from DreamV xD.

My first hot pink trench coat xDDD. There are really two cute bows on both sleeves but they don`t really show up on photos =3=. Here I wanna show you guys my most recent make-up style. There`s not much change but I am really happy with new lashes and finish look ♥:

Top lashes: Eyemazing no.1
Bottom lashes: Diamond Lashes No.4 Lovely Eye
Foundation: BareMinerals
Cheeks: HD Make Up Forever Sculpting Blush
Lips: M.A.C lipstick in Snob + Chanel Rouge Allure no.56

Ever since I got my hands on Eyemazing no.1, they instantly become my no.1 favourite ♥. The length and volume are perfect for me. The lashes also holds the shape really really well. Not to mention, they are relatively cheap considering how long you can use them ♥. I know at least one person (lovely lovely Anna) has tested this out by constantly using Eyemazing no.1 everyday for 31 days! And they still are in good shape! So I would highly recommend Eyemazing for any girls out there who are looking for super economical and reusable lashes ♥.

About Diamond Lashes No.4 Lovely Eye, I must say I prefer them much more compared to Diamond Lashes Princess Eyes (mentioned at the end of my previous post). No.4 lovely Eye lashes are not only MUCH more natural looking, but also easier to apply. I do not need to cut them in half, but use the whole strip => Very convenient and efficient, especially for people who always seem in a rush like me xD.

I would also recommend M.A.C lipstick in Snob. It's a gorgeous pale pink color goes really well with M.A.C Lady Gaga's Viva Glam lipgloss, or for me, I personally prefer Chanel Rouge Allure no.56 because of its smooth finish and long lasting ♥.

On a side note, I really wanna try out Candy Doll and Melliesh blush that Himena loves so much. As well as Candy Doll lipgloss in macaroon and Melliesh lashes ♥. As soon as I get my hands on them, I will put up reviews and showcasing *get shot*> There will be more co-ordinates post coming up very soon as wellso please look forward to it ♥.


Mar 28, 2011

Co-ordinates Times!

You'll be surprised how easy and how long I can play the procastination game *get shot*... Ah, btw, it is going to be a lengthy post xD.

First are two co-ordinates with my Liz Lisa poncho cause I am just so in with it :).

I love doing this. It`s easy, cute and casual :). I got two pairs of leg warmers from DreamV which I was afraid of wearing at first, especially with the white ones, due to my rather chubby thighs :(. Anyway, ever since I tried them on, I've always been in .

This is my attempt at country gal, toned-down, neutral look. I have love-hate relationship with these boots: They are cute but at the same time painful to walk in after long period of times ;___;

Above is a shot of my sister, Helena and I twining :). She blogged the whole thing in much more details here :). It was so much fun dressing up and confusing people, like, "Did I just see double?" xDD.

I was at Metro one day when a lady came up to me asking if she can have a small intereview with me. I was taken by surprised and thought she was some sort of sales-person doing survey. It turned out that she works for Oops! Vancouver and she wanted a few snapshots for fashion corner .

It's interesting how I got the title "Vancouver Agejo" xDDD. Well, originally, I just wanted to portray a fun look with pastel theme and big accessories ♥. The long sleeve top is from Liz Lisa ♥, shorts, heels and leg-warmers from DreamV, big bow from Bodyline, accessories from Le Chateau and off-brand xD.
For this look, I used for Diamond Lashes Cat's Eyes upper lashes and Diamond Lashes Princess Eyes for lower lashes. These lower lashes are really dramatic and its shape make it difficult to put on sometimes. After a few times using them, I figured it is much easier to cut them in half instead of using the whole strip :). Here's a  detailed review and tutorial on how to use Diamond Lashes Princess Eyes for more natural effects :)

P/S: I will update my recent co-ordinates very very soon. And I would love to receive critics and such since I am still learning after all xD.

Mar 21, 2011

March Comes in Like a Lion

... is the name of a manga series I'm "planning" to read :).

Hey, guys, I'm still alive ^v^~! *get shot* Well, in all honesty, I find it's amazing how fast time flew by; or more likely, how long I am able to procastinate... Anyway, a lot has happened during past few months ^^. My sister and I have moved recently to a new beautiful two-bedroom apartment. We were excited but were also super stressed with all the packing and buying and moving and setting >__<. But afterall, it was rather worth it: I got a walk-in closet (that is still in organizing state orz) and another closet where we put our lolita dresses and cosplay-related stuffs xD.

The past few months have been rather rough for me, but of course not without any "up". I've got the chance to accumulate more stuffs and improve on my looks, styles etc xD. Here's my most recent shots:

My lovely sister just got me new pair of contact lenses from I.Fairy and they are definitely the best lenses I've ever worn! They are super comfortable and the color is gorgeous, at least to me :P.

I will put up a gyaru co-ordinate post soon (hopefully *get shot*) and I just wanna show you a shot of my sister,  Helena and my recent photoshoot with our friend Ivan Huang:

We had a lot of fun and more photos will be uploaded on my Tumblr and DeviantArt. I would love if you can check them out ♥.

Thanks you all for sticking with silly me still ^___^.
Much love