Mar 28, 2011

Co-ordinates Times!

You'll be surprised how easy and how long I can play the procastination game *get shot*... Ah, btw, it is going to be a lengthy post xD.

First are two co-ordinates with my Liz Lisa poncho cause I am just so in with it :).

I love doing this. It`s easy, cute and casual :). I got two pairs of leg warmers from DreamV which I was afraid of wearing at first, especially with the white ones, due to my rather chubby thighs :(. Anyway, ever since I tried them on, I've always been in .

This is my attempt at country gal, toned-down, neutral look. I have love-hate relationship with these boots: They are cute but at the same time painful to walk in after long period of times ;___;

Above is a shot of my sister, Helena and I twining :). She blogged the whole thing in much more details here :). It was so much fun dressing up and confusing people, like, "Did I just see double?" xDD.

I was at Metro one day when a lady came up to me asking if she can have a small intereview with me. I was taken by surprised and thought she was some sort of sales-person doing survey. It turned out that she works for Oops! Vancouver and she wanted a few snapshots for fashion corner .

It's interesting how I got the title "Vancouver Agejo" xDDD. Well, originally, I just wanted to portray a fun look with pastel theme and big accessories ♥. The long sleeve top is from Liz Lisa ♥, shorts, heels and leg-warmers from DreamV, big bow from Bodyline, accessories from Le Chateau and off-brand xD.
For this look, I used for Diamond Lashes Cat's Eyes upper lashes and Diamond Lashes Princess Eyes for lower lashes. These lower lashes are really dramatic and its shape make it difficult to put on sometimes. After a few times using them, I figured it is much easier to cut them in half instead of using the whole strip :). Here's a  detailed review and tutorial on how to use Diamond Lashes Princess Eyes for more natural effects :)

P/S: I will update my recent co-ordinates very very soon. And I would love to receive critics and such since I am still learning after all xD.

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