March Comes in Like a Lion

... is the name of a manga series I'm "planning" to read :).

Hey, guys, I'm still alive ^v^~! *get shot* Well, in all honesty, I find it's amazing how fast time flew by; or more likely, how long I am able to procastinate... Anyway, a lot has happened during past few months ^^. My sister and I have moved recently to a new beautiful two-bedroom apartment. We were excited but were also super stressed with all the packing and buying and moving and setting >__<. But afterall, it was rather worth it: I got a walk-in closet (that is still in organizing state orz) and another closet where we put our lolita dresses and cosplay-related stuffs xD. A snap shot from my iphone what it looks like atm ^^~:

The past few months have been rather rough for me, but of course not without any "up". I've got the chance to accumulate more stuffs and improve on my looks, styles etc xD. Here's my most recent shots:

My lovely sister just got me new pair of contact lenses from I.Fairy and they are definitely the best lenses I've ever worn! They are super comfortable and the color is gorgeous, at least to me :P.

I will put up a gyaru co-ordinate post soon (hopefully *get shot*) and I just wanna show you a shot of my sister,  Helena and my recent photoshoot with our friend Ivan Huang:

We had a lot of fun and more photos will be uploaded on my Tumblr and DeviantArt. I would love if you can check them out ♥.

Thanks you all for sticking with silly me still ^___^.
Much love


  1. you are so beautiful curie <33<3<333 love,love, love your blog and outfits

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comment xD
    I've been lurking your blog for a while too~ And I must say I would love to invade your closet lol

  3. you are so beautiful curie <33<3<333 love,love, love your blog and outfits

  4.  You are so soooo cute! Following your blog from now. :)

  5. Thank you and pleasure to meet you ^v^~