Upon a sunny Saturday

Since I had work on Saturday evening, which called for simple black dress+cardigan =_=, I had settled on my floral Liz Lisa coat, simple straight hair and of course, not without my favourite Angelic Pretty bow; because hey, a small touch can make an emphasis on the whole look, right ♥?

During my limited free time on Saturday, my boyfriend decided to take my sister, Helena and me to the famed Memphis Blues BBQ, which won the title Best Barbeque in Van for past five years, for lunch. The restaurant is something out of the TV Show Diner, Drive Ins and Dives. It's just so... American lol, with all the painting and blues music in the background. Not that I mind, I certainly have nothing against blue; just the atmosphere is not something I am used to~.
Without our consent, my boyfriend decided to treat us to Memphis Platter: Pulled pork, sausage, brisket, ribs, chicken, fries served with two sauces, coleslaw and potatoes. And OH-MY-GOD, there is so sooo much meat T___T. I seriously had no idea why he got so much food for just three people!

However, I must concede that their bbq meat are quite delicious. At the same time, I felt like I had been stuffing too much food, so much that I did not feel hungry even at the end of work, like nine hours later? Lol. 

After our too-much-calories-intake-to-be-able-to-count meal, we headed towards La Casa Gelato, the place with +200 flavours of ice-cream! Because, hey, might as well get more calories! *get shot*... 

Coat: Liz Lisa
Boots: DreamV
Bow: Angelic Pretty

There are numerous interesting flavour such as Wasabi, Balsamic Vinegar and Chili Chocolate, which I had so much fun forcing my boyfriend tried since he has absolutely no tolerance towards spicy food! Poor baby xDDD! In the end, I decided on Orange Vodka (cause Vodka is ♥) and Bailey Coconut and my sis chose Cherry Pie~. I must say La Casa Gelato is one of my favourite dessert place, although definitely not on my frequentl-visited place since getting frequent brain-freeze is big no-no lol. But overall, if you ever got the chance to visit Vancouver, or you are a Vancouver-er but never been here before, why not go there and trying all the unique ice-cream flavours :)?