Apr 28, 2011

New purchases and Sweet Revenge♥

On Sunday, my sister, Helena, and I went to Crystal Mall for a bit shopping. Generally, I wouldn't go there, or Parker Place, Aberdeen or Channel 3 @ Metrotown and the like since the prices they charge for clothing is generally absurd. Liz Lisa clothing generally priced between $150-$300. One shop I find Snidel and Laguna Moon dress that I love, the price tag states $400 =___=... Not to mention a lot of clothing sold there are bought from Taobao, which means that there's hardly guarantee to be authentic, despite the ridiculous price you pay for >__<.

The only reason my sister was able to drag me there is that one shop is having a clearance sale. It wasn't a waste of time ^v^~. I managed to get some new clothing at a very, very reasonable price ♥. Plus there was no tax since we paid entirely in cash ♥.

My favourite purchase of the day♥. I didn't like it so much at first, but as soon as I tried it on, I knew I gotta get it LOL. That is the reason why, you always have to try stuffs on before making purchase decisions, gal~!

Very similar to the one I had, but this dress is made more for winter season with thicker fabric. Bonus for the really cute bow in the back♥.

Just a simple, cute pink dress since my sis decided to get a matching white one LOL. I know these dresses are so not for summer, but what can I say, they are so cute >v<~. But yes, I gotta buy new clothing for summer though =3=.

We walked around Crystal Mall a bit after that, waiting for our friend, Viki and her boyfriend, George, to go for super-late lunch/dinner together. There are many cute glittery shiny stuffs I wanna get ♥~

Look at the 3D Rilakkuma and Elephant ROFL. I wouldn't be able to put my phone in my pocket like that LOL.

The sweet cases are okay; Kuromi cases are so so tempting though~.

Would definitely get these Canon Lenses/Cup for our dear photographer friend lol. On the other side, these bunny speakers are so cute ♥. I would love to have one in pink *who surprised?*. All of these above displayed are from Cube Inc. at Crystal Mall~.

Got this delicious Mocha at $4.00 (including tax) from a stand called I love Coffee, and its much better tasting than Starbuck drink, imo. I love Coffee is our favourite place to get drink from in this mall. They make drink with really strong coffee taste to my liking *yum*

When Viki and her boyfriend arrived, we got Korean hotpot for dinner. Mine was Seafood Hotpot with udon~. Afterwards, we went to Sweet Revenge Patisserie on Main St. for desserts♥. They are really popular dessert place, and mainly open from 7pm to Midnight~. It's a nice, cosy dessert place with interesting decor and nostalgic atmosphere.

Got to love the red flower textured wallpaper♥. And there are these strange old Chinese posters advertising tobacco on the wall next to our table xD.

It's interesting that Sweet Revenge have sangria named after Twilight series. We got Eclipse drink in medium; to my surprise, it tasted quite nice xD. (And yes, I don't like Twilight. I find glowing vampires utterly amusing though) My sister and I decided to share the CSI Vancouver Sampler (for 2). As picture above, you can see it's quite big xD. The Sampler includes:
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake with seasonal sauce~
  • Sweet Revenge - a torte-like cake coated with bitter dark chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Gateau - a flourless chocolate cake with a hazelnut centre and a hint of raspberry jam
  • Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake 
  • Vanilla ice-cream for two♥
Overall, it was lovely. My favourite would be the gateau; it tasted just quite right :). At the price $15.55, you can easily share this Sampler with a third person~; however, Sweet Revenge does have a minimum charge of $6.00/person ^.^~. Despite the place being packed, the one and only server was nice, courteous and attentive :). I would definitely be back, next time most likely for late-night date♥.

Sweet Revenge Patisserie :: 4160 Main St. Vancouver, BC Canada
604-TRY-SWEET (604-879-7933)

Apr 27, 2011

I.Fairy Moe Moe in Brown Review♥

Here's the review I kept procastinating~~~ *get shot*.

Ever since I got my hands on these lenses, they automatically become my no.1 favourite ♥. Without further ado,  I would like to show you why xD:

Moe Moe Series Specification:
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm
Lens Usage: Up to 1 year
Shelf-life: 3 years
Origin: South Korea

I.Fairy contact lenses are manufactured by SUN&BON Co.,LTD, a Korea n company which also produces Dueba series.

For easy comparison, I'm gonna show you my eyes with no make-up. So please don't judge me >_<.

Here are my eyes with no lenses. I have natural brown eyes color :).

Here is one side with no lens, the other with I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown. You can clearly see how big of enlargement impact it has :).

With both lenses on, under natural lightning (near my big window xP). Look how big my eyes are now xDDD:

 With flashlight on~:

I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown
Color/Design: 9/10 - I love love how vivid the color is! It instantly make your eyes pop out more, especially with dark eye make~. Bonus is the fact that they don't have visible dark rim :). The only problem with this series is how it can appears to be alligator-like, not that I mind ^v^~. It's just there are certain people find this lenses creepy :P. 

Enlargement: 10/10 - At diameter 16.2mm, it's the biggest contact lenses I've ever worn~ 

Comfort: 9/10 - Despite its 16.2mm diameter, I.Fairy is the most comfortable pair of lenses I've ever worn. It outright kicks GEO and EOS out of the picture! I.Fairy are also circle lenses brand with highest percentage of water content. With my sensitive eyes, I tend to feel discomfort when putting on GEO or EOS lenses before. However, I have never got that problem with I.Fairy lenses! These lenses are so soft, and with 55% water content, you can barely feel like you are wearing contact lenses♥. 

Overall: 9/10 - Love it ♥. I would definitely try out more color lenses from I.Fairy♥. Bye bye, GEO & EOS~

As for where to purchase these lovely lenses, you can try out Seraphique Vision♥, which mainly sells authentic Korean contact lenses.They are running test batch at the moment and soon be open to general public♥. You can message them at Seraphique.Vision@gmail.com for further details :D.

Hope you all enjoy I.Fairy Moe Moe reviews ♥. Again, feel free to ask me anything ♥.

P/S: Two posts in one day! Yes, I'm rather sick at the moment. My sore throat is torturing me >_<

Thanks for 100+ followers and Q&A♥

Thank you so much for over 100 followers ♥♥♥. You guys made me so happy, motivated and nervous altogether xD. I appreciate all comments and critiques; thanks for supporting and helping me become a better gal ♥.

It's also my honour to get featured on I am/I want to be Hime Gyaru ♥. To be put next to great hime-gals like Shady, Gackhi and Black Sui made me feel so giddy happy but rather afraid at the same time ^///^. I shall try even harder on improving my styles xDDD.

I still can't believe that I am part of Sui's Gaijin Gyaru inspiration ♥. There are so many great gals on the list, especially Charlotte, Shiena and Ashley >__<. I wish I have their mad hair styling skills *__*.

And here I would like to address some of questions I got asked frequently:

Do you use extensions for your hair? Or is it a wig? 
Mainly for hair styling, I used clip-in extensions. They are high quality (Remy, I think?) human hair,  and heat resistant. I got them at a local store called Abantu when it was on sale :). It's really expensive to get full head extensions in Vancouver; the nice one are easily over $100 ;__;.

I do own a half-wig, hime-style from Priscilla, which I wore when I REALLY don't have time to do my hair. Priscilla is really a solid brand and quite popular among gals. Their wig in general is high quality and hold shape quite well. Unfortunately, Priscilla don't offer shipping oversea much, so you need to use shopping service like Celga or Japonica ^^". Therefore, altogether, it's still not cheap to get a high-quality half-wig ^^". Original price plus shopping service plus shipping overseas would roughly comes to $100 >__<.

Another source for your wig fix would be Cyperous. Here is a detailed comparison between Priscilla and Cyperous wig, courtesy of lovely Chirality. Generally, I would say Priscilla provides better wigs/half-wig compared to Cyperous; however, if you compare pricing and shipping option, Cyperous proves to be a much more convenient choice :). Not to mention EGL Group Order host group order from Cyperous from time-to-time, so it's great when you like to save on shipping fee ♥.

However, I would like to address that extension/wigs are not everything. I believe you can still be a great gal without them :). Here's a picture of me styling my hair, without any extension ^^. It's not super great, but it kinda prove the point :D?

 How did you do your hair?
I'm not great at styling my hair yet >__<. Most of them are experiments xD. I used to watch Ageha Hair Set Tutorial through TheParamania channel on Youtube but they got removed recently T__T. There are, however, some good basic gal hair tutorial on Youtube like this one♥.

I'm also lucky to have my sis, Helena and a really good friend/hairstylist, Viki, whom I often come asking for tips and helping me with styling my hair xD.

Currently I'm looking through a lot of hair tutorial/concept on Ageha. I think they are a great resource, plus the models are so cute/pretty xD. Another good place to look is Fuckyeahgyaru with photo of great gals, which also host tutorial photo post sometimes :). Generally speaking, tumblr is a wonderful resource and you can maneuver/search through tags searching; and some tumblr users allow you to inquire questions as well ♥.

I wonder where you buy you clothes?
I bought my clothes from a variety of sources actually :D. From local shop (which is rare), Facebook shop (not so much anymore) and other online shops. Now I mainly buy stuffs from DreamV since they are affordable and adorable xP. If you live in BC, you can check out Dolly Romantica shop, who mainly sells DreamV stuffs ♥.

Other Japanese brands, like Liz Lisa, Tralala and Golds Infinity, I have to use shopping service like  Celga or Japonica :D. You can also check out Gyaru Sales where gals sell used clothing at affordable prices.

So yeah, that's it for now~. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my style♥. You can always contact me at  Formspring, anonymously, if you're shy ♥. I also just got a new chat box here, just for fun~.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your support. And I hope you enjoyed our little Q&A corner xP.

Apr 19, 2011

Here comes the Sun ♥ + Ageha Love

Finally, sun and warmth! In celebration, the theme for my co-ordinate is flower-overload baby ♥♥♥

Dress: DreamV
Heels: DreamV
Ring: Le Chateau
Anyway, ever since the above picture in Ageha May issue, I really really wanted to try it lol. It took me literally forever and I was utterly unable to get my hair as voluminous as Himena T__T. So this is half-failed attempt lol?

By the way, Ageha May issue is full of love♥♥♥. There are so many many cute hairstyles I wanna try~~~. And also Sakurina's make this issue, here, is so so sexy~~:

Her color contact, bold eye make-up and pink shadow forms a powerful combo xP. I'm tempted to try it but it's probably difficult for me to pull off :( *hate my face*

As you can tell, I love floral prints! Hence, I love love this issue xDDD. And of course, Himena looks so perfect in those Ma*rs and Liz Lisa one-piece♥. That La Parfait hair-piece is so so tempting as well *___*. Also putting down rose-adorned heels on my to-buy-list. If not, I am going to deco one myself xP. Just need to find a really good heels base :P.

Satomin♥♥♥ I adore these co-ordinate, they are much more casual, toned-down but lovely nonetheless. Her blouse is so cute xP. I need to invest on more thigh-high socks though xP.

On a side note, someone dropped this on my formspring inbox yesterday (read from bottom to top):

I'm pretty certain it's only one person since the the timeframe of these questions posted is within a minute or so. At first, I found it interesting how the questions escalated to blatantly insulting me. I mean, I'm rather used to people look, even stare down or mock me in public due to me being rather over-the-top in public; but really, this is an online world: If you don't like someone's styles, just don't look at it. It pained me a little, staring at this, but I get over it. Just wanna get this off my chest xP.

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone ♥. Hope you enjoy my co-ordinate and have a great day ^__^~

Apr 15, 2011

Spring, spring, where art thou?

It was cold and rainy yesterday. There was even snowing in SFU in Burnaby campus (about 12km from my place). Snow in April in Vancouver! >___<~~~~... This is solely reason why I miss being in Asia ;__;. The spring weather in Vancouver seems so fickle; it's like there is hardly any spring time, then we wake up and realize, "Hey, it's summer time!", >__<.

Still I had to run a bit errands yesterday, along with work in the evening, so I tried to dress as casual-pretty as I could. Surprise, surprise lol!

Coat: Liz Lisa
Boots: DreamV
Necklace: Bebe
This is mine trying out smaller curls. It doesn't really show in photos but I love how it looks in real life :). It is definitely more time-consuming than usual but hey, it's worth it xP.

Anyway, my finals is next week. Exciting! Actually, no, not really lol. I feel like I gotta push myself harder for this finals, comparing to my breezing through in the past 0_0. Macroeconomics have so much to cover, much more than I expected ;__;... Still, as a pro-procastinator I am, I will still definitely, absolutely, undoubtedly do it last minute lol *get shot*

I really should study...

Apr 12, 2011

My Sunday with Liz Lisa ♥

Back with simple white theme again♥! 

It was raining and cold last Sunday, my precious day off, which made me go like this :(. Where is my warm, sunny spring weather ><? Still, a girl gotta dress like the girl she wants (or it's just me) so here is my co-ordinate of that day ^__^:

Dress: Liz Lisa
Heels: DreamV
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Bebe
Ring: Le Chateau

Here's me trying out twin tails, since my pretty little sister, Helena, gave me some tips. The left picture below is Helena in yukata last Sat. I'm so jealous that she managed to make her hair look so nice with defined curls on top, and mine just... not that great >__<. *grumble* Gotta do better next time *grumble* 

BTW, people keep mistaking us for twins. Do you think we really look that much alike lol?

Back to Sunday, I managed to get some stuffs while running some errands at Metro. Gotta waste time somehow when people kept making me wait for long long time :(.

 Got2b Freeze Spray and Got2b Dry Shampoo

My favourite hairspray would definitely be Bed Head - Hard Head: It kept your curls really well with small amount, yet not making your hair too stiff or falky. But at less than half the price, Got2b Freeze Spray is my go-to daily-use hairspray ♥. It performed the job well and super economical at less than 7CAD! And not to mention, it's super accessible since its available at almost any drugstore :D.

I had used other Got2b products in the past, including Heat Protector and Smoothing Lotion. Overall, their performance is decent to good, especially considering their low prices :). Therefore, I would suggest this line of hairproducts for girls on budget xD! BTW, this is my first time trying out their Dry Shampoo. I would definitely make a review on how well they work soon ♥.

M.A.C Liquidlast Eyeliner in Point Black

Here is my every-day eyeliner :),. Can't say I'm a M.A.C girl but M.A.C definitely is a good brand at solid price. Their products are still quite cheaper compared to more high-end make-up brands like Urban Decay, HD Make Up Forever, Dior etc. Personally I go to M.A.C mainly for their eyeshadows and lipsticks ♥.

Well, back to M.A.C Liquidlast Eyeliner in Point Black, it's definitely one of my favourite eyeliner :
  • Super long-lasting: I can wear this all day long, from morning school to work late to the night :)\
  • Smudge-proof: Even last longer with a base like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
  • Water-proof: A huge pro, but also a con since it's really hard to remove sometimes ><
  • Very black
  • Can be easily manoeuvred to make thin or thick line; you need steady hand, patient and a bit of experience though :P
There you go, girls :D. I would highly recommend this eyeliner if you need to be out all-day long or go clubbing cause it definitely won't disappoint you :). One thing though, girls, please don't use this liner on your waterline |<. It is not good for your eyes :(. For waterline liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner is much much better choice ^_^~.

Well, thanks for reading♥. I hope you enjoy my new co-ordinate and reviews .

Apr 10, 2011

Spirit of Spring and Limitless♥

Even though it's still a bit chilly at Vancouver, I'm 100% in the spirit of spring :D! My sister, Helena, helped me put together this look; most of the stuffs are hers actually lol. The two of us and my boyfriend went to see Limitless that night xD.

So Helena, got the flower top for me :D. It has really cute print but the shape is no where near flattering, especially for my body shape :/. I sorta like it still, sorta don't lol. It's not shown clearly but the DreamV short has floral prints as well :). So for me, this is a very fun look. Really can't wait to wear more like this in wamer/hot weather xD.

Actually, we were debating between Source Code and Limitless. In the end, Limitless won because of first and foremost, it has more of interesting concept; and secondly, Bradley Cooper  (because he's hot lol). Most likely, I will put a seperate post about Limitless since there are a lot of interesting factors in the movie, much like how I felt after Inception. However, despite its compelling concepts, the execution of Limitless is rather limited. It could have been better in my opinion. Overall, it's not a bad movie, it's decent but no where near mind-blowing like Inception :D.

But still, you should watch because Bradley Cooper wants you to xD!