Apr 4, 2011

The Adventure of Baby Doll

So on Tuesday, my boyfriend took me to see the movie Sucker Punch, which I was really looking forward to ever since seeing the trailer: The main character is very much my type of girls ♥ and the CGI looks amazing. Feeling obliged to dress appropriate, this is my presentation xD:

Top: Golds Inifnity
Shirt: Amarnia Exchange
Boots: DreamV

Baby PinkxBlack + Bow FTW ♥. Back to the movie, Sucker Punch presents a lot of elements that make the inner fangirl me happy:

Twin-tails           ✓
School Girl        
Thigh-high socks
High heels           ✓
Sword AND Gun
Plus stunning visualization and superb action scenes!

So, with all these awesome factors, who need a plot? Apparently, I was wrong 0__0. Despite how visually impressive Sucker Punch was, I found myself somewhat bored during the movie. If only there was a fast-forward button to skip to mind-boggling action scenes! Because simply, the movie completely lack a emotional drive and compelling factors for me to actually CARE about the characters. The first ten minutes of Up! managed to move me so much more than all the deaths in Sucker Punch combined 0__0.

Not to mention, plot-holes and inconsistency in characterization frustrated me =__=. The only character I'm more or less curious about is Baby Doll, but even her character development was so cliche! Overall, Sucker Punch is not a terrible movie. It is, however, the kind of movie I much prefer seeing in blu-ray, with the comfort of owning a remote control to leap through the boring bits lol.


  1. OMG That was exactly how I felt. I would have kinda preferred it if Baby doll stayed a Silent Bad Ass. The first fight scene was soooooooo amazing, then it just got a bit random. I've told my friends to go and just look at the prettiness of it all and try not to let the story distract you :P

  2. I know! I love love the first fight scene. If it supposed to be the reflection of how her mind cope with the harsh reality, the character development is so believable! But again, the plot kinda fell apart after that =v=. But yeah, I just stay back and watch the pretty girls fight and not care much anymore lol.