Because I am your sweet baby doll ♥

Just kidding lol! *get shot*

Well, despite my seemingly frustration with Sucker Punch, I was amazed by the stunning visualiazation (when I had the chance to rewatch again lol) and still, very much, adore the design of Baby Doll character. I love her look which portrays innocent, fragile and yet maddeningly attractive (sexy!) at times. Her eyes are so captivating, wide open with long, thick lashes. Her skin is like porcelain with rosy blush and full lips. Not to mention her pretty pretty hair! Emily Browning as Baby Doll is so dayum gorgeous! *jealous*

I wish I have her mile-long legs and thin frame ;__;. Then I would probabaly, most likely, have no trouble cosplaying Baby Doll. Love the idea of handling sword and gun at the same time~~~. Mt favourite action scenes are her first fantasy: confrontation against three samurai with the way she swings her sword *fangirling*. As you can tell by now, I love shounen/seinen/action manga ♥.

So ever since seeing the movie, I've been itching to play around with the Baby Doll theme. It's, ahem, not a sucess but I had fun anyway~. And it's all that matters xD.

 Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Bows&Heels: DreamV
Clearly, I'm no Baby Doll but I love dressing rather over-the-top like this sometimes . I adore bows and this co-ordinate clearly satisfies my love to have bows everywhere xD. It's not clearly shown, but the skirt I wore has bows at the waist line; and the cutsew has gorgeous bows at the back ^^. Asides from this, I'm still learning and trying to improve on mainly hair style; and the results made me rather contented. 

Boots: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Coat: Holiday Princess
The weather in Vancouver has been rather strange the past few days. Sunny and warm one day, rain and cold follows the next day. I'm still forced to wear boots and coats sometimes; really can't wait until the warm weather is more prominent :(.

And that's it for now, girls. I shall bring you guys more co-ordinate posts very very soon


  1. I think the first outfit is very cute! (:

    please check out my blog if you want to (:

  2. you era absolutaly wonderfull*_*!!! i love your outfit..i'm your new fan XD!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words ♥. I will try not to disappoint xD

  4. Now I want to see Sucker Punch! Baby Doll looks so gorgeous, I wish I had big lips like her!

    You have an amazing style. *o* I love your girly outfits!

  5. I know eh? I'm so envious of her full plump lips ><
    and thanks for your compliment xD