Apr 10, 2011

Spirit of Spring and Limitless♥

Even though it's still a bit chilly at Vancouver, I'm 100% in the spirit of spring :D! My sister, Helena, helped me put together this look; most of the stuffs are hers actually lol. The two of us and my boyfriend went to see Limitless that night xD.

So Helena, got the flower top for me :D. It has really cute print but the shape is no where near flattering, especially for my body shape :/. I sorta like it still, sorta don't lol. It's not shown clearly but the DreamV short has floral prints as well :). So for me, this is a very fun look. Really can't wait to wear more like this in wamer/hot weather xD.

Actually, we were debating between Source Code and Limitless. In the end, Limitless won because of first and foremost, it has more of interesting concept; and secondly, Bradley Cooper  (because he's hot lol). Most likely, I will put a seperate post about Limitless since there are a lot of interesting factors in the movie, much like how I felt after Inception. However, despite its compelling concepts, the execution of Limitless is rather limited. It could have been better in my opinion. Overall, it's not a bad movie, it's decent but no where near mind-blowing like Inception :D.

But still, you should watch because Bradley Cooper wants you to xD!


  1. how do you get puffy hair?!!! i love you!!

  2. This is a half-wig from Priscillia actually xD

  3. But normally, I achieve puffy hair through teasing :D

  4. Wooow you look sooo beautiful <3<3<3
    And whhatt?? the headress is from Bodyline? I really like it

  5. Thank you ♥.
    And yes, my dear sis purchased this with a white one from Bodyline and they are surprisingly good lol~

  6. how do you order things from DreamV?
    I'm live in Canada too, and I love your clothes and some other stuff I've seen on their Japanese site. Please help!

  7. You can order through this shop, dear: