Apr 19, 2011

Here comes the Sun ♥ + Ageha Love

Finally, sun and warmth! In celebration, the theme for my co-ordinate is flower-overload baby ♥♥♥

Dress: DreamV
Heels: DreamV
Ring: Le Chateau
Anyway, ever since the above picture in Ageha May issue, I really really wanted to try it lol. It took me literally forever and I was utterly unable to get my hair as voluminous as Himena T__T. So this is half-failed attempt lol?

By the way, Ageha May issue is full of love♥♥♥. There are so many many cute hairstyles I wanna try~~~. And also Sakurina's make this issue, here, is so so sexy~~:

Her color contact, bold eye make-up and pink shadow forms a powerful combo xP. I'm tempted to try it but it's probably difficult for me to pull off :( *hate my face*

As you can tell, I love floral prints! Hence, I love love this issue xDDD. And of course, Himena looks so perfect in those Ma*rs and Liz Lisa one-piece♥. That La Parfait hair-piece is so so tempting as well *___*. Also putting down rose-adorned heels on my to-buy-list. If not, I am going to deco one myself xP. Just need to find a really good heels base :P.

Satomin♥♥♥ I adore these co-ordinate, they are much more casual, toned-down but lovely nonetheless. Her blouse is so cute xP. I need to invest on more thigh-high socks though xP.

On a side note, someone dropped this on my formspring inbox yesterday (read from bottom to top):

I'm pretty certain it's only one person since the the timeframe of these questions posted is within a minute or so. At first, I found it interesting how the questions escalated to blatantly insulting me. I mean, I'm rather used to people look, even stare down or mock me in public due to me being rather over-the-top in public; but really, this is an online world: If you don't like someone's styles, just don't look at it. It pained me a little, staring at this, but I get over it. Just wanna get this off my chest xP.

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone ♥. Hope you enjoy my co-ordinate and have a great day ^__^~


  1. Your hair is perfection <3

  2. Ah yes, hater anon is always funny ^^;; must have a lot of time on their hands, that's what!

    I agree! This ageha issue is full of such great tutorials + outfits! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    Love the outfit ^^ floral is really nice on you!

  3. Your co-ord is so pretty! That floral dress is gorgeous on you :)

    I stumbled on your blog recently. I don't follow gyaru styles too much, but I was drawn in by the amount of effort and clear passion you put into your style, so I had to follow!
    I'm sorry that some anonymous loser felt the need to try to gradually insult you over formspring. But don't let it get you down. Don't let them ruin what you love even momentarily. Just keep doing what you do <3

  4. Thank you *blushing* I'm so flattered ^///^

  5. Yeah, this ageha issue is totally worth reading/keeping. And thanks for your compliment :D

  6. Thank you for your kind words :). I'm happy that you enjoy what I do, and for me, the sheer joy that this comment brought far-overwhelmed what anon said to me ^^. I hope that you would support me in the future as well :D.

    Again, thank you kindly ^^.

  7. Awh I think your hair looks lovely! Really wish that I could do those kinda things ;____; Do you use extensions or anything? ^^


  8. lol it's obviously the same person.. :P

  9. You recreated Himena's look so well! You look beautiful!

    The anon hater is an idiot. "Do you seriously walk out into the streets like this?" What, is everyone supposed to wear Abercrombie or something? So boring! Your style is gorgeous. I hope he/she makes that same comment to a gangster and gets his a--- beat! lol!

  10. Thank you for your compliments ^////^

  11. I'm not great with my hair but I tried xP; so I'm sure that you, too, can do things like this with lots of patient trials-and-errors :D.

    And yes I do used ext: They are clip-on. I wanted to get loop ext but they are quite expensive tho <___<

  12. Awww you r such a cute hime!!! And I love your outfit!!! wish I meet chu some day~

  13. Thank you~~~
    You should come to Vancouver in summer, its very nice xP

  14. I really, really love your hair~~♪ You're so cute! Haha.. I wish I could be as cute as you :c May I ask what dress that is? I can't find it on the DreamV site...

  15. Thanks dear ^///^. That dress I think came out last year or so. I don't think they have instock anymore, and i can't remember the item code so yeah, sorry ><

  16. Aww.. that's a bummer. You're welcome!

  17. Satomin's coordinates look so beautiful! Ah it's making me miss my Ageha subscription xD

  18. Your hair arrange is so cute!! very hime! love your style hihi!~
    I'm a new follower~

    please visit my blog if you have free time~ I blogged about gyaru hihihi I'm just starting

  19. Thank you and I will for sure ~~♪

  20. The ageha look makes you sooo sexy <3 I just love how you do your hair!

  21. You're so right~if people don't like your look they should just gtfo.
    why dislike something but still look at them? that's so hypocritical