My Sunday with Liz Lisa ♥

Back with simple white theme again♥! 

It was raining and cold last Sunday, my precious day off, which made me go like this :(. Where is my warm, sunny spring weather ><? Still, a girl gotta dress like the girl she wants (or it's just me) so here is my co-ordinate of that day ^__^:

Dress: Liz Lisa
Heels: DreamV
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Bebe
Ring: Le Chateau

Here's me trying out twin tails, since my pretty little sister, Helena, gave me some tips. The left picture below is Helena in yukata last Sat. I'm so jealous that she managed to make her hair look so nice with defined curls on top, and mine just... not that great >__<. *grumble* Gotta do better next time *grumble* 

BTW, people keep mistaking us for twins. Do you think we really look that much alike lol?

Back to Sunday, I managed to get some stuffs while running some errands at Metro. Gotta waste time somehow when people kept making me wait for long long time :(.

 Got2b Freeze Spray and Got2b Dry Shampoo

My favourite hairspray would definitely be Bed Head - Hard Head: It kept your curls really well with small amount, yet not making your hair too stiff or falky. But at less than half the price, Got2b Freeze Spray is my go-to daily-use hairspray ♥. It performed the job well and super economical at less than 7CAD! And not to mention, it's super accessible since its available at almost any drugstore :D.

I had used other Got2b products in the past, including Heat Protector and Smoothing Lotion. Overall, their performance is decent to good, especially considering their low prices :). Therefore, I would suggest this line of hairproducts for girls on budget xD! BTW, this is my first time trying out their Dry Shampoo. I would definitely make a review on how well they work soon ♥.

M.A.C Liquidlast Eyeliner in Point Black

Here is my every-day eyeliner :),. Can't say I'm a M.A.C girl but M.A.C definitely is a good brand at solid price. Their products are still quite cheaper compared to more high-end make-up brands like Urban Decay, HD Make Up Forever, Dior etc. Personally I go to M.A.C mainly for their eyeshadows and lipsticks ♥.

Well, back to M.A.C Liquidlast Eyeliner in Point Black, it's definitely one of my favourite eyeliner :
  • Super long-lasting: I can wear this all day long, from morning school to work late to the night :)\
  • Smudge-proof: Even last longer with a base like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
  • Water-proof: A huge pro, but also a con since it's really hard to remove sometimes ><
  • Very black
  • Can be easily manoeuvred to make thin or thick line; you need steady hand, patient and a bit of experience though :P
There you go, girls :D. I would highly recommend this eyeliner if you need to be out all-day long or go clubbing cause it definitely won't disappoint you :). One thing though, girls, please don't use this liner on your waterline |<. It is not good for your eyes :(. For waterline liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liner is much much better choice ^_^~.

Well, thanks for reading♥. I hope you enjoy my new co-ordinate and reviews .


  1. :O!!! White obi represents death...haha.

  2. :o,vIts creamy yello+ white actually :)

  3. lovely coordinates as usual :)

  4. beautifull aoutfits*_*!!!
    a really dolly/hime it!!

  5. Dreamv and Liz Lisa on you is so perfect ♥ You're beautiful as always!

  6. aww you r such a cute hime gyaru!!!! >w< by the way I added you just now! nice to meet chu!

  7. Thank you and nice to meet you too ^^~

  8. Very helpful review for eyeliners~ I'm looking for one that doesn't smudge and now I my search is almost over :D

  9. Adorable coordinate! I wish I could pull off such a sweet style!!

    I find that Urban's 24/7 liner is really similar to Dolly Wink's pencil liner and Dolly Wink is actually cheaper depending where you buy it : ). I'm hoping to try k-palette and Dolly Wink liquid but I'm interested to try this MAC one too!!

  10. Aww you have a really cute face, for sure you can pull it off xD!

    And that's interesting to know. I wanna try and most likely will try Dolly Wink liquid liner soon, since I heard quite many raves bout it :). I guess for me, the cheapest way to get Dolly Wink stuff is thru

    Where do you usually get your Japanese cosmetics stuffs, if you don't mind? I'm jelly @ your Kate hauls btw. My friend show me he Kate swatch and I love it *__*