New purchases and Sweet Revenge♥

On Sunday, my sister, Helena, and I went to Crystal Mall for a bit shopping. Generally, I wouldn't go there, or Parker Place, Aberdeen or Channel 3 @ Metrotown and the like since the prices they charge for clothing is generally absurd. Liz Lisa clothing generally priced between $150-$300. One shop I find Snidel and Laguna Moon dress that I love, the price tag states $400 =___=... Not to mention a lot of clothing sold there are bought from Taobao, which means that there's hardly guarantee to be authentic, despite the ridiculous price you pay for >__<.

The only reason my sister was able to drag me there is that one shop is having a clearance sale. It wasn't a waste of time ^v^~. I managed to get some new clothing at a very, very reasonable price ♥. Plus there was no tax since we paid entirely in cash ♥.

My favourite purchase of the day♥. I didn't like it so much at first, but as soon as I tried it on, I knew I gotta get it LOL. That is the reason why, you always have to try stuffs on before making purchase decisions, gal~!

Very similar to the one I had, but this dress is made more for winter season with thicker fabric. Bonus for the really cute bow in the back♥.

Just a simple, cute pink dress since my sis decided to get a matching white one LOL. I know these dresses are so not for summer, but what can I say, they are so cute >v<~. But yes, I gotta buy new clothing for summer though =3=.

We walked around Crystal Mall a bit after that, waiting for our friend, Viki and her boyfriend, George, to go for super-late lunch/dinner together. There are many cute glittery shiny stuffs I wanna get ♥~

Look at the 3D Rilakkuma and Elephant ROFL. I wouldn't be able to put my phone in my pocket like that LOL.

The sweet cases are okay; Kuromi cases are so so tempting though~.

Would definitely get these Canon Lenses/Cup for our dear photographer friend lol. On the other side, these bunny speakers are so cute ♥. I would love to have one in pink *who surprised?*. All of these above displayed are from Cube Inc. at Crystal Mall~.

Got this delicious Mocha at $4.00 (including tax) from a stand called I love Coffee, and its much better tasting than Starbuck drink, imo. I love Coffee is our favourite place to get drink from in this mall. They make drink with really strong coffee taste to my liking *yum*

When Viki and her boyfriend arrived, we got Korean hotpot for dinner. Mine was Seafood Hotpot with udon~. Afterwards, we went to Sweet Revenge Patisserie on Main St. for desserts♥. They are really popular dessert place, and mainly open from 7pm to Midnight~. It's a nice, cosy dessert place with interesting decor and nostalgic atmosphere.

Got to love the red flower textured wallpaper♥. And there are these strange old Chinese posters advertising tobacco on the wall next to our table xD.

It's interesting that Sweet Revenge have sangria named after Twilight series. We got Eclipse drink in medium; to my surprise, it tasted quite nice xD. (And yes, I don't like Twilight. I find glowing vampires utterly amusing though) My sister and I decided to share the CSI Vancouver Sampler (for 2). As picture above, you can see it's quite big xD. The Sampler includes:
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake with seasonal sauce~
  • Sweet Revenge - a torte-like cake coated with bitter dark chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Gateau - a flourless chocolate cake with a hazelnut centre and a hint of raspberry jam
  • Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake 
  • Vanilla ice-cream for two♥
Overall, it was lovely. My favourite would be the gateau; it tasted just quite right :). At the price $15.55, you can easily share this Sampler with a third person~; however, Sweet Revenge does have a minimum charge of $6.00/person ^.^~. Despite the place being packed, the one and only server was nice, courteous and attentive :). I would definitely be back, next time most likely for late-night date♥.

Sweet Revenge Patisserie :: 4160 Main St. Vancouver, BC Canada
604-TRY-SWEET (604-879-7933)


  1. I absolutely LOVE your purchases! It's awesome you got them at a reasonable price, too. The lace up detail on the third dress is perfect <3
    That patisserie looks really cool-- like there's a kind of vintage theme going on? I hope you have fun on that future date :)

  2. Oh wow! The food looks so yummy! * o *

    I also love glittery things! Super cute!

  3. I love the teddy bear glittery cover
    it's sooooo cute 8D

    and who cares about shoving stuff in pockets? That's what a bunny bag is for :D

  4. Thank you. I was so happy I was able to get all three of them around $100 xDDD. I love sales~~~
    That Patisserie is famous for its ambiance, like from-the-past, Victorian-inspired. If you have a chance, you should totally check them out xP. And thanks so much, I will ♥

  5. Lol that's why they say, beauty comes with a price *get shot*
    I mean, I don't mind 3D cases, but thats one a bit too chunky to put in small purse to carry around lol. And hell yes for bunny bag xD

  6. The dresses you got are all really pretty! I especially love the first one, which is your fave, and the pink one which Helena bought a matching white one. Lol. They are so lovely to look at! Can't wait for outfit photos of you wearing them. :)

  7. Thank you so much~
    I'm planning to do a shoot soon with me and Helena twining lol. Please look forward to it ♥

  8. aaahh-..i relly love your dresses*_*!!! and the last picture it's relly yummi XD!!

  9. Youuuuu are the CUTESt hime gal I have ever seen <3 You have amazing style!

  10. You make my day *jumping up and down*♥♥♥.

  11. Awaii~~ Cute dresses neh ^^
    ♥ Also thank you for being 's 123rd follower~!!
    I thank you muchly ~ ^O^
    I followed you back ♥♥