Pink Day and The Theory of Combining Beer + Coffee

On Sunday, the weather was so nice so I decided to deck all-out in pink xD. I love being all girly, super feminine and princess-like ^^~

I'm still play around with the small barrel curling irons~ The curls seem much much nicer than when achieved with larger barrel irons. I feel rather excited to try new hairstyles soon xD. 

And of course, when my boyfriend decided to bring me to the pub nearby called Elephant Walk Pub, I stood out as the only girl in pink, bows and frills lol. I got some ginger carrot soup with beef dip sandwich and a Pale Ale.

That Pale Ale was actually much better tasting than I expected. Can't remember which brand it was though *pondered*. Well, since I haven't drunk for such a long long time, the beer made me so tired lol. Afterward, when we hung out with other friends at Tea Work near our place, I decided to get Chocolate Coffee Milk Tea... It was a TERRIBLE DECISION ><. I was so exhausted yet wide awake til 4:00 in the morning T___T. And I got to wake up at 6:30 for school the next day >___<. 

God, I hate myself so much.

So there, girls, it has been proven that BEER and COFFEE form an EVIL EVIL combination! Please do not repeat my mistake and showing up in class the next day with the look of a zombie T___T. It's ironic that I had to drink more coffee to stay awake in class; and the following afternoon spent exhausted-yet-very-wide-awake again.



  1. Oh i love your dress! it´s so cute and fluffy! <3 where did u get it? :33

  2. Thanks dear :). I got this dress like over a year ago through a local FACEBOOK shop :). I can't remember which shop exactly though ^^''.

  3. the dress is just lovely in all proportions! :)