Apr 15, 2011

Spring, spring, where art thou?

It was cold and rainy yesterday. There was even snowing in SFU in Burnaby campus (about 12km from my place). Snow in April in Vancouver! >___<~~~~... This is solely reason why I miss being in Asia ;__;. The spring weather in Vancouver seems so fickle; it's like there is hardly any spring time, then we wake up and realize, "Hey, it's summer time!", >__<.

Still I had to run a bit errands yesterday, along with work in the evening, so I tried to dress as casual-pretty as I could. Surprise, surprise lol!

Coat: Liz Lisa
Boots: DreamV
Necklace: Bebe
This is mine trying out smaller curls. It doesn't really show in photos but I love how it looks in real life :). It is definitely more time-consuming than usual but hey, it's worth it xP.

Anyway, my finals is next week. Exciting! Actually, no, not really lol. I feel like I gotta push myself harder for this finals, comparing to my breezing through in the past 0_0. Macroeconomics have so much to cover, much more than I expected ;__;... Still, as a pro-procastinator I am, I will still definitely, absolutely, undoubtedly do it last minute lol *get shot*

I really should study...


  1. You're so cuuute! Love every outfit you pull :D

  2. love this dres*_*!!! realli cute ann you hair alwis bautifull!!

  3. Thank you :D
    I always try my best xP

  4. Your outfits are all really cute, but I'm always distracted by how gorgeous your hair is :D
    Blesses !! ♥

  5. Thanks so much for your compliments and blesses ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. I love Vancouver! You're so lucky to have snow! Nothing ever happens here in California! But still you're rockin your outfits in spring even though it's snowing ♥

  7. But it rains way too much here lol Well, I lived in Vietnam before and never had experienced snow before coming to Canada so i think I know how you feel xD. I admit snow is pretty, but not so much when it start to melt and get dirty <__<... It's hard for me to wear my fav boots in that kind of weather xD

    And besides, you guys got Disneyland *pout*

  8. haha. I don’t know if you & casual can go together~ u look super cute ~ love!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  9. Thank you. I try to be casual sometimes, but yeah, I prefer be a lil more ott xP