Apr 27, 2011

Thanks for 100+ followers and Q&A♥

Thank you so much for over 100 followers ♥♥♥. You guys made me so happy, motivated and nervous altogether xD. I appreciate all comments and critiques; thanks for supporting and helping me become a better gal ♥.

It's also my honour to get featured on I am/I want to be Hime Gyaru ♥. To be put next to great hime-gals like Shady, Gackhi and Black Sui made me feel so giddy happy but rather afraid at the same time ^///^. I shall try even harder on improving my styles xDDD.

I still can't believe that I am part of Sui's Gaijin Gyaru inspiration ♥. There are so many great gals on the list, especially Charlotte, Shiena and Ashley >__<. I wish I have their mad hair styling skills *__*.

And here I would like to address some of questions I got asked frequently:

Do you use extensions for your hair? Or is it a wig? 
Mainly for hair styling, I used clip-in extensions. They are high quality (Remy, I think?) human hair,  and heat resistant. I got them at a local store called Abantu when it was on sale :). It's really expensive to get full head extensions in Vancouver; the nice one are easily over $100 ;__;.

I do own a half-wig, hime-style from Priscilla, which I wore when I REALLY don't have time to do my hair. Priscilla is really a solid brand and quite popular among gals. Their wig in general is high quality and hold shape quite well. Unfortunately, Priscilla don't offer shipping oversea much, so you need to use shopping service like Celga or Japonica ^^". Therefore, altogether, it's still not cheap to get a high-quality half-wig ^^". Original price plus shopping service plus shipping overseas would roughly comes to $100 >__<.

Another source for your wig fix would be Cyperous. Here is a detailed comparison between Priscilla and Cyperous wig, courtesy of lovely Chirality. Generally, I would say Priscilla provides better wigs/half-wig compared to Cyperous; however, if you compare pricing and shipping option, Cyperous proves to be a much more convenient choice :). Not to mention EGL Group Order host group order from Cyperous from time-to-time, so it's great when you like to save on shipping fee ♥.

However, I would like to address that extension/wigs are not everything. I believe you can still be a great gal without them :). Here's a picture of me styling my hair, without any extension ^^. It's not super great, but it kinda prove the point :D?

 How did you do your hair?
I'm not great at styling my hair yet >__<. Most of them are experiments xD. I used to watch Ageha Hair Set Tutorial through TheParamania channel on Youtube but they got removed recently T__T. There are, however, some good basic gal hair tutorial on Youtube like this one♥.

I'm also lucky to have my sis, Helena and a really good friend/hairstylist, Viki, whom I often come asking for tips and helping me with styling my hair xD.

Currently I'm looking through a lot of hair tutorial/concept on Ageha. I think they are a great resource, plus the models are so cute/pretty xD. Another good place to look is Fuckyeahgyaru with photo of great gals, which also host tutorial photo post sometimes :). Generally speaking, tumblr is a wonderful resource and you can maneuver/search through tags searching; and some tumblr users allow you to inquire questions as well ♥.

I wonder where you buy you clothes?
I bought my clothes from a variety of sources actually :D. From local shop (which is rare), Facebook shop (not so much anymore) and other online shops. Now I mainly buy stuffs from DreamV since they are affordable and adorable xP. If you live in BC, you can check out Dolly Romantica shop, who mainly sells DreamV stuffs ♥.

Other Japanese brands, like Liz Lisa, Tralala and Golds Infinity, I have to use shopping service like  Celga or Japonica :D. You can also check out Gyaru Sales where gals sell used clothing at affordable prices.

So yeah, that's it for now~. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my style♥. You can always contact me at  Formspring, anonymously, if you're shy ♥. I also just got a new chat box here, just for fun~.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your support. And I hope you enjoyed our little Q&A corner xP.


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