May 30, 2011

Because twin tails are lovely♥

Twin tails again, 'cause I want to experiment some more :D. This time I succeeded in making the top layer of both tails in higher, fluffier state than before ^^~ (I know, I suck at wording ><) However, it's still far from my desired image... Himena-sama, I'm gotta practice more~~~~

Twin tails are cute, eh~? XD

Played around with eye make-up a bit that day as well. I drew my lower eyeliner downward a bit more. This kind of exaggeration works on some girls, but definitely not me :/

Definitely not flattering my face shape ;___;

Dress: Liz Lisa♥
Heels: DreamV♥

I'm totally in love with this dress. Will attempt a softer, more neutral look next time with it, with a cute brown heels, perhaps :)

It was sorta board game night/event organized by our friends. My boyfriend and I join Carcassone tournament♥. Carcassone is definitely one of my favourite game. Very easy to pick up and a lot of fun, especially for competitive gamers like me. Strategy is required but it also depends heavily on luck. To sum it up, playing Carcassone is like putting up puzzle pieces, but with strategy!

We got separated into groups for the first round. Both my boyfriend and I came in first xD. But then I didn't get to win the final round :(. My competitive nature kinda screwed my strategy up in the end :P.


Afterwards, we went window-shopping at Metro, cause nothing caught my interest :P. However, I gotta take photo with this lovely girl, whom I think totally look like Barbie :P. Too bad my eyes closed at that moment *A*

Game of Thrones
My latest obsession!

At first I refused to watch it, cause I'm not into Medieval fantasy genre; always more of a sci-fi, mystery, psychological kinda of gal :/. However, my boyfriend forced me to watch it anyway =_=. And seriously, it was painful! The first episode made me rage ><. I felt so sad for Daenerys Targaryen T__T. Being abused by her brother, considered nothing more than a tool to gain the throne. And god, was she the image of beauty and innocence:

Daenerys is so stunning! Her face, her captivating eyes, her slender frame and gorgeous hair.... *___*. I felt so bad for her in the beginning; however, as her character slowly develops, I fall in love with her strong will. I like strong, determinant women who thrive to to control her own fate ♥.

My second favourite character, Eddard "Ned" Stark, portrayed by Sean Bean♥. I recognized him almost instantly as the fallen prince from first installment of Lord of the Rings. I'm so so so glad to see him again, as one of the main characters of the series. As a character, Ned makes me instantly root for him. No one bully my poor Ned *pout*! lol

Honestly, he is such an honourable man! Everything he does, he seems to put his heart into, as Lord of Winterfell. If I was by his side, I'm probably worry most about his blood pressure. Always seem to stress out, the poor thing ^^".

Most beloved character at the moment? Tyrion Lannister, the underdog! Despite being a midget, his character and his wit make up for it. You definitely can't hate him! And god, his lines are always love♥♥♥.

There are more characters in the show whom I adore/respect, and many more I love to hate! Conclusion, you need to watch the show! You definitely won't regret it, I swear xD!

May 29, 2011

Co-ordinate, hair talk and other questions♥

Remember Viki, my hair stylist friend ^^? She is making video gyaru hair set tutorial and asking me and my sis, Helena, to model for some videos~ The other day, we filmed out first video. It was hilarious, since I wasn't used to filming xD. The first video is mainly introduction, about simple gyaru hairset, mainly about how to section and how to backcomb hair properly, which you can do within 30-45mins. I will upload the link once she finishes editting and everything

I forgot to take picture right after we finish :(. The wind and rain had losen my curls so much when I got home >"<:

Above is the photo of my hair without extension. Here, I clip-on ext for length and volume~:

It was rainy and chilly that day =___=. On the bright side, I gotta wear my fav Liz Lisa poncho ^v^~. Flowers to brighten up a dull day xD:

Poncho: Liz Lisa♥
Shorts: Liz Lisa Doll♥ 
Boots: DreamV♥ 


How many sets of extensions do you use at one time?
Before I use four set of extensions at a time; now I often use only two set ^__^.They are high quality human hair,  and heat resistant. One set is about 4 inch wide x 21 inch long :).

Your hair looks gorgeous, how do you keep it healthy with all that styling?
Uhm, thanks but my hair is not that greaty actually. The tip of my hair is very, very weak. I try to protect my hair as much as I can, with my hair being dyed and styled quite often xP. For shampoo and conditioner, I use Redken Color Extend series.

After washing my hair and towel drying, I use CHI Silk Infusion or Chantu Quick-fixe as a leave-in conditioner. Then spray Chi 44 Iron Guard before I start blow-drying my hair. If I'm gonna style my hair afterwards, I useChi 44 Iron Guard again, as heat protector. However, these steps alone, sadly, are not enough to protect my hair against heat ^^".

Now I try to use hair mask, especially for the tip of my hair, twice a week. Just recently got my hands on Moroccanoil Intense Hydraing Mask Argan Oil Enriched designed to hydrate and repair damaged hair ^_^. It's rather pricey, in my opinion, but again, good beauty products are generally not cheap >__<.

How did you first get interested in gyaru style?
When I first became interested in lolita few years ago, I did a bit researching differnt sub-categories and came accross debate between hime lolita and hime gyaru :). Then I dug around a bit more, then got to learn about gyaru and different style like manba, tsuyome, himekaji, koakuma etc. I fell in love with Jesus Diamante, Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Snidel and Liz Lisa design almost instantly.

Now, I'm still in love with both lolita and gyaru; but generally I prefer to dress in himekaji style, or sometimes agejo, when hanging out with friends. Lolita is cute, but gyaru style attracts me more, especially in term of hairstyles and make-up ^^.

So yeah, that's it for now~. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my style♥. You can always contact me at  Formspring, anonymously, if you're shy ♥

May 26, 2011

A day in Pink ♥

Back to pink-on-pink theme, because I miss it ♥


My favourite Le Chateau ring, which states, "Love me," which I often told my boyfriend to do what the ring says ♥

This is the most perfect hime hair I've ever done, after constant criticism of my beloved sis, Helena, who insisted me fixing my side and back x__x.  I guess, I sorta got the hang of it after this xD?

More hair shots ^^":

The side is more poofy than before, much to my delight ^__^~. The back is not so great, however *pout*... but it starts to be something rather than plain messy before :D... I know, gotta practice me *sob in a corner*

Let me know what you think ♥♥♥

May 23, 2011

Adorned with bows and Guu in Aberdeen

More experimenting, this time with help of my beloved sister, Helena. I had always wanted to try making a bow out of my hair, ever since seeing my sis doing it... but I was never able to succeed  >__<. Anyway, Helena sorta sat down, played with my hair and showed me how to do it this time ^v^~. She made the cutest bow for me ever.

After what seems like forever to perfect the bow shape (lol, Helena, you perfectionist you!), I curled the rest of my hair and added finishing touch to it and Ta-da~.

We went to our friends' place, where most of the guys gathered to watch hockey =3=, few of my friends and I indulged in few rounds of board game, Settlers of Catan! I guess I never mentioned on my blog before, but my boyfriend and I are somewhat considered board games lovers xD? We play games with our friends quite often, and join small tournament sometimes :P. Anyway, Catan is one of my favourite game to play. Very laid back kind of game, which involves a lot of building and trading. It's a strategy game but also fairly dependent on luck due to the nature of dice-rolling ^^.

Afterwards, we went to Guu in Aberdeen, a quite popular izakaya in Richmond .

Helena and me :

We got a pitcher of Sake Mojito, which was made fresh in front of us. And it was sooo good~:

Helena suggested Kabocha Korokke, a pumpkin and boiled egg croquette, and it was yummy yummy~. Love the presentation

Here are more delicious food photos for you ^__^~:

For dessert, Peter treated everyone to Almond Tofu, best tofu dessert ever!

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The food was good and service was impeccable. Definitely would come back to Guu in Aberdeen next time

That's it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone ♥!

May 20, 2011

PinkxBlackxBow Rockz♥

The theme for this co-ordinate is I-can-be-sorta-sexy-too LOL *get shot*

Dress: Golds Infinity♥
Tights: Betsey Johnson♥
Heels: DreamV♥

This is one of my favourite one-piece from Golds Infinity ♥ ♥ ♥. On the other side, comparing myself at the moment to around last November, I think I sorta improve a bit on my make-up and hair style ^__^~?

Here's a close-up shot on my lovely Betsey Johnson tights which never ever show up in pictures x___x:

For hairstyle, I wanted to try something different from my usual bouffant hime hair: something more youthful and fun, and here's the result:

I wish I could make it as big and poof as shown on a lot of Ageha models, especially Himena who often rocks twin tails ♥. But, alas, my top layer is very short and fine and there's nothing more I can do but more trial-and-errors >___<... I did, however, sorta content with the results. This hairstyle is cute without making my face look bigger than it already is (I dislike my so-called baby face T__T). The only minor problem is when I took the hair ties off, I can feel sorta pain from my scalp from where I pull my hair together ^^". It's not a strange problem since when you wanna tie your hair really tight, it's going to cause strain on your scalp ^^".

Conclusion: Cute hairstyle but I can't do it every single day, unless I can get a ponytail extension or something similar >"<.

I think my make-up look kinda weird that day. I prefer how it look under sunlight ♥.
Anyway, hope you enjoy my new co-ordinate and hairstyles, everyone ^__^.
Feedback are super welcome ♥♥♥.

Thanks for reading