May 23, 2011

Adorned with bows and Guu in Aberdeen

More experimenting, this time with help of my beloved sister, Helena. I had always wanted to try making a bow out of my hair, ever since seeing my sis doing it... but I was never able to succeed  >__<. Anyway, Helena sorta sat down, played with my hair and showed me how to do it this time ^v^~. She made the cutest bow for me ever.

After what seems like forever to perfect the bow shape (lol, Helena, you perfectionist you!), I curled the rest of my hair and added finishing touch to it and Ta-da~.

We went to our friends' place, where most of the guys gathered to watch hockey =3=, few of my friends and I indulged in few rounds of board game, Settlers of Catan! I guess I never mentioned on my blog before, but my boyfriend and I are somewhat considered board games lovers xD? We play games with our friends quite often, and join small tournament sometimes :P. Anyway, Catan is one of my favourite game to play. Very laid back kind of game, which involves a lot of building and trading. It's a strategy game but also fairly dependent on luck due to the nature of dice-rolling ^^.

Afterwards, we went to Guu in Aberdeen, a quite popular izakaya in Richmond .

Helena and me :

We got a pitcher of Sake Mojito, which was made fresh in front of us. And it was sooo good~:

Helena suggested Kabocha Korokke, a pumpkin and boiled egg croquette, and it was yummy yummy~. Love the presentation

Here are more delicious food photos for you ^__^~:

For dessert, Peter treated everyone to Almond Tofu, best tofu dessert ever!

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The food was good and service was impeccable. Definitely would come back to Guu in Aberdeen next time

That's it for now. Thanks for reading, everyone ♥!


  1.  it was sos awesome! best hairbow i've seen yet XD

  2.  such a cute bow ^^

  3. lavenderandrosesMay 23, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    Nice hair bow. "Don't have a hair accessory at the moment? No problem, just make your own out of your own hair!" xD Good thing that I ate before looking at the food pictures :P. Anyway, nice post. 

  4. lol that's nice and thanks :D:D:D

  5. Wooaah the bow looks super cute!! I'm actually thinking it would look better with just straight hair as the curly hair takes some of the attention away from the bow?
    And omg all that delicious looking food! making me veryyyy hungry! TToTT

  6. Woah everything looks so yummy on these photos ;o;!
    I like the bow, it looks cute :D I'd like to suggest adding something like hair clipp nearby because it mixes really too much with your hair :D btw i looove your color- what dye do you use?<3

  7. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    I'm not really sure since I got my friends dye/touch-up and buy dye products for me all the time :/. I will check with her :D

  8. Your bow looks wonderful! Especially when it's from your own hair and not the accessories.
    I'm so glad that you like the Mojito, it's one of our best one after Yokihi and Oh Michael~

  9. Thanks for the suggestion&compliment ^///^. I would definitely try out
    Yokihi and Oh Micheal next time ^_^~