Co-ordinate, hair talk and other questions♥

Remember Viki, my hair stylist friend ^^? She is making video gyaru hair set tutorial and asking me and my sis, Helena, to model for some videos~ The other day, we filmed out first video. It was hilarious, since I wasn't used to filming xD. The first video is mainly introduction, about simple gyaru hairset, mainly about how to section and how to backcomb hair properly, which you can do within 30-45mins. I will upload the link once she finishes editting and everything

I forgot to take picture right after we finish :(. The wind and rain had losen my curls so much when I got home >"<:

Above is the photo of my hair without extension. Here, I clip-on ext for length and volume~:

It was rainy and chilly that day =___=. On the bright side, I gotta wear my fav Liz Lisa poncho ^v^~. Flowers to brighten up a dull day xD:

Poncho: Liz Lisa♥
Shorts: Liz Lisa Doll♥ 
Boots: DreamV♥ 


How many sets of extensions do you use at one time?
Before I use four set of extensions at a time; now I often use only two set ^__^.They are high quality human hair,  and heat resistant. One set is about 4 inch wide x 21 inch long :).

Your hair looks gorgeous, how do you keep it healthy with all that styling?
Uhm, thanks but my hair is not that greaty actually. The tip of my hair is very, very weak. I try to protect my hair as much as I can, with my hair being dyed and styled quite often xP. For shampoo and conditioner, I use Redken Color Extend series.

After washing my hair and towel drying, I use CHI Silk Infusion or Chantu Quick-fixe as a leave-in conditioner. Then spray Chi 44 Iron Guard before I start blow-drying my hair. If I'm gonna style my hair afterwards, I useChi 44 Iron Guard again, as heat protector. However, these steps alone, sadly, are not enough to protect my hair against heat ^^".

Now I try to use hair mask, especially for the tip of my hair, twice a week. Just recently got my hands on Moroccanoil Intense Hydraing Mask Argan Oil Enriched designed to hydrate and repair damaged hair ^_^. It's rather pricey, in my opinion, but again, good beauty products are generally not cheap >__<.

How did you first get interested in gyaru style?
When I first became interested in lolita few years ago, I did a bit researching differnt sub-categories and came accross debate between hime lolita and hime gyaru :). Then I dug around a bit more, then got to learn about gyaru and different style like manba, tsuyome, himekaji, koakuma etc. I fell in love with Jesus Diamante, Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Snidel and Liz Lisa design almost instantly.

Now, I'm still in love with both lolita and gyaru; but generally I prefer to dress in himekaji style, or sometimes agejo, when hanging out with friends. Lolita is cute, but gyaru style attracts me more, especially in term of hairstyles and make-up ^^.

So yeah, that's it for now~. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my style♥. You can always contact me at  Formspring, anonymously, if you're shy ♥


  1. Awww kawaii!! What name of the youtube channel? I want to watch it!! Love your hair and cute outfit!! You're so adorable!~ <3

  2. Rather than you walking in from the rain, you look like you just came out of a photoshoot ._.;

  3. lavenderandrosesMay 30, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Cute! ^^ You are very pretty. Even with your curls loosened your hair still looks good :D. That's a lot of hair products.

  4. Thanks :)
    lol you have no idea xD. I wanna get more oil, mask and treatment for my hair if I can :P. There is this super oil I really want, which act as both leave-in conditioner and heat protector, but it's sooo pricey >__<

  5. Aww, you are flattering me ^///^

  6. Thank you :D.
    I will put up the link as soon as I can *hug*

  7. Hello, I am looking for special gyaru style accessories for a friend who is crazy for gyaru style, and i found contact lens "gyaru style", but as i know nothing about this can you tell me if it is really gyaru style of just marketing to sell more ?!
    I see these cosmetic lenses, brand is Dueba, can you tell me what you think ?

    Thank you for your expert advice ! I will read the reply here tomorrow if you have time to help me, and i will put your page on my facebook if you don't mind, maybe some people can visit your site and also tell me what they think ?

  8. Dueba is quite popular Korean brand for circle lenses. Circle lenses are seemingly the norm for gyaru nowadays; but non-necessary for white gyaru, due to their natural eyes shape are generally bigger than Asian ^^. Generally, gals would wear brown circle lenses to look more natural~

    Other gift ideas for gyaru lovers would be definitely clothing, ccessories and definitely shoes; again, depends on what style of gyaru your friends go for ^^.

    And thanks, I'm not sure I deserve to be called an expert but I would be glad to be of help :).