May 26, 2011

A day in Pink ♥

Back to pink-on-pink theme, because I miss it ♥


My favourite Le Chateau ring, which states, "Love me," which I often told my boyfriend to do what the ring says ♥

This is the most perfect hime hair I've ever done, after constant criticism of my beloved sis, Helena, who insisted me fixing my side and back x__x.  I guess, I sorta got the hang of it after this xD?

More hair shots ^^":

The side is more poofy than before, much to my delight ^__^~. The back is not so great, however *pout*... but it starts to be something rather than plain messy before :D... I know, gotta practice me *sob in a corner*

Let me know what you think ♥♥♥


  1. OMG so pretty!! love your hime hair style, can you make a tutorial on that? :) Kawaii <3

  2. lavenderandrosesMay 26, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    I love the pink! <3 The bolero looks very cute on you. The hime hair looks...hime (xD Not really original I admit, but it fits :/). 

  3. I love that bolero, but it's so thin I can only wear it in spring/fall in Vancouver :(
    And thanks, glad to know I do it right xD

  4. Thanks :D
    My friend is doing a set of hime/gyaru hair tutorial video, which I participate in some as models ^^. I will keep you updated for sure :D

  5. gorgeous hair!! ♥
    can't wait to see the tutorials :)

  6. i think pink is ur color *_*
    ur hair look so gorgeous

  7. Really? I think the pink looks kind of funny mixed with skin tone & hair colour. Maybe should try some beige/chocolatey tones :O

  8. Omg you're incredibly beautiful and so pretty ♥
    Love your look, pink suits you sooo well =D

  9. Thanks for your concrits&suggestion ^__^

  10. That ring is gorgeous!! And you hair omg!!