May 19, 2011

Experimenting with eye make-up and how I contour/highlight♥

Just playing around with my make-up stuffs. I wanted to try a more nude/natural eyes make-up with minimum eyeliner and less dramatic eyelashes ^v^~

With M.A.C  no.7 for upper lashes, and Diamond Lashes No.4 Lovely Eye for lower lashes, here is the result ♥ (plz pardon my blood shot eyes ><)

I always love the shape of M.A.C  no.7, plus the fact that M.A.C eyelashes are really soft, well-shaped, comfortable and natural looking (not as shiny/fake as Diamond upper lashes in general). However, it doesn't open up my eyes as much as I would love to :(. I mean, it's alright up-close but from a further distant shot, the lashes doesn't show up much ^^":

This is just an experiment. I most likely not gonna wear this kind of eye make-up often. Maybe only for school or work since I do love how light-weight M.A.C  no.7 feels. And no hair shot because my bouffant looks really weird that day >__<. And now is time for a little Q&A with blackkoi~

Do you contour your face when you put on makeup? If so, how?

Here is what I used to contour/highlight my face:

I used M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish in Warmed for contouring. It gives off shimmery bronze gold which I adore♥. However, from what I heard, the series is no longer continued ^^".

For highlighting, I use Clinique Up-lightng Liquid Illuminator. It's a very natural highlighter, with warm finish. You can also use this for blush for natural finishing, or blush base as well ^^. However, if you prefer a more dramatic highlighter, I would highly recommend Dior Skinflash - an amazing highlighter which instantly lifts up your skin, also doubles as eyes concealer (not for extreme dark circle, however). I would definitely get Dior Skinflash when I am able to afford it xDDD. For now, have to make use with my Clinique one xP.

For cheeks, I use generally use Purminerals Mineral Shadow in Rose Quartz as base; then lightly dust HD Make Up Forever Sculpting Blush on top ♥.

Also a simple chart of how I do contour/highlight. I'm not an expert but I find this way of contouring/highlighting works for my face shape ^^:

The hot pink outline indicate contouring area, using M.A.C Bronzer. Remember to blend in well towards your hairline, or else it's going to look very unnatural ^^". For the nose areas, I sometimes switch to using brown eyeshadow for contouring to make it more dramatic :). Using a thin eyeshadow brush, line the nose area then sweep/blend the color out.

Again, this is my way of contouring ^^". You may or may not able to do the same since not everyone has the same feature. On the other side, here's a very detailed post of how&where to contour your face by lovely Jae. Hope all of this helps? XDDD.

BTW, Lovely Sui and Jelly are hosting give-away. Please click on the pictures to check them out, everyone♥♥♥:

Thanks everyone for reading~~~~


  1. Cute lens!!!! looks really nice on you! pops out  your eyes alot! you are way too cute my dear~ n__n

  2. Thank you so much for your tips! Since I've been interested in Gyaru the one thing that puzzled me most was how to contour and apply it to my face shape. Those lines really help, I'm going to check the other link you gave as well, thank you!
    You look so cute btw! *_*

  3.  Youtube has a lot of contouring/highlight tutorials as well. I would highly recommend you checking them out; just to see how different people contour/highlight to play off their feature :)

    I'm glad to be of help ^^

  4.  Thank you. I love love love I.Fairy lenses for that xP~~~