May 5, 2011

I've got a healthy obsession with flowers ♥

Finally I've got to put up a co-ordinate with the lovely floral dress I got recently . I've been postponing this post like forever x___x.

I love how this dress is cute but a bit sexy at the same time ♥. The shape is quite flattering, much to my delight :D. It was still somewhat chilly that day, so when we decided to go out, I've changed to my favourite boots, from DreamV, instead XD:

Somewhat succeeded in creatinng twintails, adorned with flowers♥. I've seen similar styles a lot on Ageha, but was unable to make it perfect as in the magazine T__T. Maybe bigger curls would work better? I still haven't figured out to make my sides bigger ><. Anyway, here are the pictures of my hair without extension ^^":

What do you think♥? Any critics♥?


  1. just gorgeous, i love the outfit the most with the boots.

  2. Aw looks so gorgeous1 ^^ I love the flowers!

  3. I totally love those big flowers! I wish I had the courage to wear such big flowers on my hair, it looks so darling <3
    Your dress is so beautiful and I'm in love with those boots too, oh how I wish I could have boots like those ;_;

  4. I've seen your photos. I'm sure you look lovely in big flowers as well :D

    And thanks, I got my boots from DreamV last winter. They make really cute stuffs at such affordable prices♥

  5. The flower accessories look really good on you!!! And the floral dress is so pretty!! *__*

  6. I love how you styled your hair! It's so cute!
    Can you do a tutorial on it? :D 

  7. My friend Viki is making gyaru hairset tutorial video series; the first one with me as model :D. I will put up the links once she finished editing ^^