PinkxBlackxBow Rockz♥

The theme for this co-ordinate is I-can-be-sorta-sexy-too LOL *get shot*

Dress: Golds Infinity♥
Tights: Betsey Johnson♥
Heels: DreamV♥

This is one of my favourite one-piece from Golds Infinity ♥ ♥ ♥. On the other side, comparing myself at the moment to around last November, I think I sorta improve a bit on my make-up and hair style ^__^~?

Here's a close-up shot on my lovely Betsey Johnson tights which never ever show up in pictures x___x:

For hairstyle, I wanted to try something different from my usual bouffant hime hair: something more youthful and fun, and here's the result:

I wish I could make it as big and poof as shown on a lot of Ageha models, especially Himena who often rocks twin tails ♥. But, alas, my top layer is very short and fine and there's nothing more I can do but more trial-and-errors >___<... I did, however, sorta content with the results. This hairstyle is cute without making my face look bigger than it already is (I dislike my so-called baby face T__T). The only minor problem is when I took the hair ties off, I can feel sorta pain from my scalp from where I pull my hair together ^^". It's not a strange problem since when you wanna tie your hair really tight, it's going to cause strain on your scalp ^^".

Conclusion: Cute hairstyle but I can't do it every single day, unless I can get a ponytail extension or something similar >"<.

I think my make-up look kinda weird that day. I prefer how it look under sunlight ♥.
Anyway, hope you enjoy my new co-ordinate and hairstyles, everyone ^__^.
Feedback are super welcome ♥♥♥.

Thanks for reading


  1.  i rly like ur outfit and hairstyle)

  2.  that dress is so cute! and your hair always looks amazing.

  3. Super cute coord! I love the shoes!
    You have such lovely hair <3

  4.  And the shoes are super comfortable too! XD
    Thanks for your compliments ♥♥♥

  5.  You should totally try BIGGER curls. Like, instead of making a cascade of mini curls, try bigger, more loose curls. I think it'd totally suit you :O

  6. The hot pink and black combo is always so awesome looking and those betsey tights are soooo great, I want them!! XD

  7. I love your great blog and your pretty style, so cute ! 

  8.  I would, thanks for the suggestion :)

  9. Blackxpink is ♥♥♥
    And thanks Sara ^^

  10. lavenderandrosesMay 21, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Nice look! Reminds me of Misa from Death Note, but with more pink and pearls xD 

  11. I'm not as cute as her but thanks xD

  12.  The outfit is super cute! I love your stockings~ :3