Welcome May♥

The weather is getting warmer now♥. It still rain from time to time but, finally, it resembles ACTUAL spring weather as I distinctly remember from my country. Unfortunately, I've got merely a month left to savour spring, before summer comes along~ <__<. God, Vancouver...

Recently, I r.e.a.l.l.y couldn't help my addiction to flowers♥. I guess it's not such a bad thing, eh :)? I tried to go for soft, weaved-in together curls but didn't succeed much ^^". Well, practice makes perfect! Just gotta go for bigger curling iron next time xD.

I guess the sides look alright; however, according to my sis, it needs to be bigger and thicker... but I really don't know how to... T___T. Here's a picture of my hair without extensions, just to show that you can make big, oomph hime-hair with your real hair :DDD: (please pardon my funny looking face ><)

So what do you need in order to create big hime hair? 
  1. Teasing comb: Can easily be purchased at London Drugs at $3 ^^. You can use rat tail comb but it's just not as effective :)
  2. Strong finish hairspray: I use Got2b Freeze Spray, very affordable and easy to get at most drugstore ^^.
  3. Practice, practice & practice: You can't do it perfectly the first time but practice makes perfect :). Just to clarify, I'm not perfect either. Just more confident in doing my hair, I guess :P?
Here's link to a decent how to tease hair tutorial. Good luck♥~

Just wanna show you my little accessories xD. Yes, I have a love for sparkling pink jewelry. And, well, since it was such a nice Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I took a little walk together~

My boyfriend can be such a goofball sometimes :). He looks so damn happy on a freaking swing like a five-year-old LOL. We've been together for almost two years now and I still get puzzled about him sometimes xD.

Afterwards, we went check out a Japanese restaurant around our neighborhood, called Takarabune. Despite its location, quietly tucked in a  corner, the restaurant setting inside is really really nice :).

 My boyfriend being goofy again, and me just being me :).

Apparently, Takarabune has been open for over 10 years. The restaurant is run and owned by Japanese people, producing authentic Japanese cuisine. The servers are really courteous, friendly and attentive. All the while they keep speaking to me in Japanese, in which I just reply "Nihonjin ja nai desu." But yes, I must admit it was rather flattering to be mistaken for Japanese; that and the fact that I can understand tiny bit of their language, due to my years of watching anime/J-drama lol.

My boyfriend got the seafood box. All I can think is that it's so cute xDDD:

I got nabeyaki udon and it was so so delicious~.  The broth is so flavourful and I got flower-shaped carrot slices, so cute xDDD *get shot*.

I must admit Takarabune won me over. It's now officially my favourite restaurant in the neighborhood♥. 

So yeah, this is part of how I spent my last Sunday. Hope you enjoy reading about it. Comments are


  1. Ooh! The food looks so yummy! * o *

    I love big hair accessories, too! Although I can never master such a large bump in my hair! I wish that I could T o T It looks so gorgeous!

  2. Aaw you look soo cute!! And the food.... *3*
    Those flower accessories look good on you! And I love your hair & makeup. You are so skillful~! :D

  3. Thank you :D. I will do a tutorial one day xD

  4. Practice makes perfect ^__^.

    On the other side, is your hair dyed or 100%natural? If your hair is virgin hair, it's harder for its to stay in shape when you backcomb it. It's maybe why ^^.

  5. hair, make up & outfit: perfect as always :3 !!!

  6. You look adorable! Your hair is AMAZING *_* and your make is so perfect as well <3 My hair is really slick and thin so it's really hard for me to tease it :\
    I think boys are always goofy ahah xD both your foods look delicious! you seem like you had a really nice time =)


  7. Saw you an Everyday Gyaru and follow your blog now.
    Just want to say, I really, really love your outfit. It looks wonderful! *-*

  8. Thank you and nice to meet you :)

  9. For your hair type, maybe layering would help? I have thin hair, so to add volume, I have tons of layers => not much hair left at the bottom when it curls though lol.

    And thanks. I guess I have come to terms with the facts that guys are like that lol

  10. Thank you for the tip! I'll try layering my hair in the future :D

  11. No problem. I hope it'll help :)

  12. OMG honey!!! you looks super cute EVERYTIME!!!!! *3* I just want to take you home!!!! XD LOL

  13. Thank you, you sexy gal xDDD