Because bows make it all better ♥

Second time trying the bow hairstyles ♥. This time, I did it all by myself *woo hoo* *get shot*. Well, it didn't turn out as well without Helena's help like last time =3=. But hey, it was fun playing around ^v^~

Now I much prefer drawing my lower lashline closer to my actual ones. After a while, I realized that exaggerating liner doesn't really work for me: Before I used to lengthen my top liner, while lower the bottom ones like Himena, but really, it didn't flatter my face at all, not to mention, it looked quite weird upclose ^^"... so yeah, I'm gonna stay with this eyes make-up style for a while ^v^~

I'm pretending to be innocent here =3=...

Here's my very very very casual co-ordinate:

Skort: Liz Lisa♥
Heels: DreamV♥

I generally don't like baggy top, but I find this shirt to be kinda cute&fun to wear :). Again, this is a super casual look for me lol.

For some reasons, this photo reminds me of Usagi-chan from Sailor Moon:

But of course, I'm not as cute, or innocent, as Usagi-chan lol.

Here are some of my purchases from DreamV in May♥:

Super adorable top with removable bow ♥.  I'ts nice that I can also wear it inside my lolita one-piece as well ^.^~

A really cute overall. I'm actually love it when I try it on♥

I rarely by clothes in sax color, but this print in sax blue is absolutely gorgeous♥. I'm tempted to get the cream one as well xP.

A really cute heels, only 8cm high :P. I bought them in size L, but for some reasons, these heels are much tighter around my feet, compared to various heels I got from DreamV before 0v0.

And that's all for now♥. Let me know what you think of this hairdo and my recent purchases ^_^~.

Thanks for reading


  1. You're so cute and I love everything you purchased :D
    Follow :x

    BTW. I'm hosting a giveaway :) Can I invite you to join? ^^

  2. Thanks ♥
    And your blog is so adorable ♥♥♥

  3. lavenderandrosesJune 20, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Nice outfit. The baggy top looks nice on you. However, I think that the hair bow can be lengthened, though that's just nitpicking on my part. Apologies if that doesn't make any sense. xD Nice attempt though. Love the haul, especially those shoes <3. 

  4. Thanks for the concrits :). 
    For lengthen, do you mean making it wider? Or the bow piece flatter? ^^

  5. The bow of your hair looks so cute and it's so high~ I think this way of doing your makeup really does suit your face! Very cute outfits and gets as always XD

  6. Michaela MozolovaJune 20, 2011 at 11:52 PM

    beautiful :)

  7. The sizing on dreamv shoes tends to vary sometimes I noticed :/ Usually I'm an L size but sometimes it's too large o_o Don't know how they do that!

  8. unforunately my hair is too short to make suche cute bows ...
     but it looks really good on you ヾ(^∇^)

  9. Thanks ^^, and yes I used my real hair
    :P. Bows are absolutely love xD! That plus frills, lace and flowers >v<~

  10. The things we do for love! XDDD
    I absolutely loves that white heels but I cant walk more than 5hrs straight in it >__<.

    And thanks so much, dear <3<3<3

  11. You can do it, honey! I do say, doing this hairdo requires a lot of patience though. Our hair rarely ever listens to us >__<

  12. Thank you, you are so kind with words :). And for the dress, you know you want it xD. I love that prints from DreamV so much; I wanted to get the romper, maxim dress and poncho as well lol. But of course, my poor wallet would suffer >__<

  13. Thanks. You can always get bow hair extension :)

  14. love your hairdo! ♥you're so good at styling your hair *o*and cute new clothes! esp the blue dress :)

    Lovely blog!

  16. Those outfits are so cute!! I love your white bow shoes~

  17. QAQ why are you always so cute??! ... Love all your purchases and outfits! We should go for bubble tea sometime !! <33

    for some reason everytime i try to comment on your blog it gives me this weird error... so i had to login disqus thing to comment now lol ==;; (so future, if you see double comment or blank... you know why lol)

  18. I know, eh? For some strange reasons, I can squeeze in their S shoes size sometimes as well xP

  19. That's really strange 0o. Thanks for letting me know~
    For sure, once I get back to Van, lets plan a bbt hanging out with purikura xDDD

  20. Wow your stye is cute~ I really like it!

  21. beautiful! <3 Girl you are too too cute! ^_^