Jun 4, 2011

Birthday of a Cutie♥

One of my favourite friend, Annie, whose birthday was coming up. Since most of our classmate/circle of friend were either away on vacation or at work *insert sad face*, only Martin, my boyfriend and I put up a small dinner party for Annie♥.

For me, personally, I was excited to see her again ever since our break. I decided to dress to impress xD:

Personally, I feel it wasn't my best hairdo that day ;__;. The bouffant wasn't as nicely shaped as possible, and not too well-balanced. The curls also seem a bit lifeless... It looks alright from afar though <__<.

Dress: Liz Lisa♥
Heels: DreamV♥

That Bebe necklace is definitely one of my favourite. I wear it almost all the time when I'm out xD. On the other side, I love how warm this Liz Lisa dress is. Perfect for chilly spring Vancouver weather (=_=). I would love to find a pair of cute OTK/ankle-high white boots to match with it♥

We went to Suika on Broadway, a quite recently opened Izakaya place, sister restaurant of famous Kingyo♥. As a izakaya restaurant, the setting was modern, contemporary with upbeat atmosphere:

 I love the creative mock-chandelier XD. 

And here's the birthday girl, I present to you, lovely Annie♥:

I sweat to God, pictures don't do her justice. She is so much more cuter in real life with super sweet smile *envy*

I find it rather disappointing that she's not surprised by my "over-the-top" look anymore lol. Look how big my head is compared to her *a short moment of pride*... yeah... :P 
We got a pitcher of Sapporo to start, then left the honour of ordering to Martin, the man lol. Here are the dishes that we got:

Despite knowing Suika dishes are mainly tapas-styles, still, the portion was still lacking compared to the price we paid. The food wasn't that unique either. The dishes were good, but nothing outstanding in particular ^^".

Service and ambiance-wise, was satisfactory. It was a pleasant experience to dine at Suika; but personally, I wouldn't come back unless someone invites me again :P. Guu in Aberdeen was much better, in my opinion ^^. 

I enjoy how the staff sang Happy Birthday song however. There were two other birthdays parties while we were there, and it was so much fun watching Suika staffs singing. They did it with so much energy and enthusiasm xP. It's especially worth the fun watching Annie getting shy from all the attention xDDDD. She is so so cute♥. For Martin and my present, we got her a Mononoke T-shirt. Cute, eh? :P

Happy belated birthday, Annie! 
You are forever 21 to me xD
Love you♥♥♥


  1. lavenderandrosesJune 4, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    xD Haha I laughed (okay, more like giggled) at the part where Annie is not surprised at the "over-the-top" appearances anymore (maybe an indicator to how long you had the style for now? xD). Whoa, that is a huge bouffant! :O 

  2. how sweet of you to hold a party for her! and i totally feel you, my friends have adjusted to my over the top wardrobe :))

  3. Lol yeah, they find it cute and normal for me to do so lol

  4. Thanks :)
    Yeah, one time I went to my classmate bday with a big bow on my hair, asking if he's surprised, he just shrugged and said, "I expect nothing less from you." lol

  5. Just found your blog and wah~! You're cute!! And it seems like we share quite some interests ♥ you've got a new follower, haha~

    && I think your friend looks super cute ♥ + I like your make up a lot

  6. Thanks and nice to meet you ♥♥♥

  7. Michaela MozolovaJune 20, 2011 at 11:54 PM

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