Meet the God of Thunder~!

June is here, yet I'm still blogging about mid May... >__<.

Anyway, since Helena refuses to watch superhero movies, it was only my boyfriend and I went watching Thor together that day *v*~. I just wanted to do hime hair, wearing my fav Golds Infinity top ❤.

More hair shots:

It was a nice and warm spring day, much to my happiness. Such great weather is a rarity in Vancouver ;___:


Granted that I didn't read Thor comics, (I'm always more of a manga person, after all) but I was pretty pumped up about the movie xD. The trailer was so cool >v<~~~

I was so glad the movie wasn't terrible as most action movies with awesome trailers ><. It was fun to watch, particular the part when Thor fought against a pack of Frost Giants, and when he took down the giant monster *squeal*. The scenery of Asgard is well-done as well; love love it:

Thor has its moments. There was witty dialogue, mostly involving Thor doing stupid things on Eart lol; like asking for a horse at the pet shop ROFL. I really like Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor. The way he portrayed Thor was so... adorable xD. I think it's weird to think of a grown, macho man that way but I love the arrogant, stubborn, straightforward Thor:

I feel like I can see a twinkle of mischief in this blue eyes lol *fangirling*. The arrogant, stubborn aspect of Thor in the movie, at least, seems to stay true to Thor in Norse mythology. Good thing is that Thor-movie is not as dumb as Thor-myth :P. I like how sincere Thor can be as well, even until the very end. Most importantly, Thor is incredibly hot xDDD.

And of course, there is Loki!

Undoubtedly my favourite God in Norse mythology since I was a kid. I love love love Loki in the myth, the mischievous half-god xD. The adaption of Loki into the movie was fun as well. I always have a soft spot for manipulative bastards who are hungry for love ^^". I seriously can't wait until The Avengers comes out next year  >v<~~~.

Overall it was a good movie. There are certain parts that quite predictable, however. The romance wasn't anything special either, unlike Source Code =v=. BUT I had a lot of fun watching it, so I would highly recommend Thor for any action fans xD.

And lastly, a shout-out:

Thanks for 200+ followers

You guys make me so happy. Thanks for supporting me *bow*. Please kindly drop by here in the future as well. There will be more posts coming up soon, including more hairstyles, co-ordinates, photoshoots :D. Again, feel free to contact me for any question, or Formspring me xP. For now, peace-out ^__^~.


  1. lavenderandrosesJune 15, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    I just can't get over your hair <3 You always do nice hime hair and I can see the consistency of it with each outfit (love this outfit by the way). You are not the only one with horrible weather lately. It has been raining cats and dogs where I live at ><. Rarely does a day go by without at least a drizzle.

    I love Thor too! <3 Actually I love all superhero movies haha. They are the best. 

  2. Aww, thank you. I always try my best xDDD
    And yes, I hate rain ;__;. That and windy weather. Totally ruin my hair all the time ><. Where do you live btw? If you don't mind me asking ^^"

    Me too! I love superhero movies! X-Men: First class was a-ma-zing~. Can't wait to see Green Lantern xDDDD