Rose tea and bows rain photoshoot with Helena and Ivan❤

I haven't blogged about me in lolita probably like in forever >m<. It's just I wear lolita mainly for tea parties or hanging out with lolita friends, or photoshoot :P. I'm more of a gyaru in real life, than lolita.

The shoot was early March, as I promised to update long long time ago^^", with spring theme initially :P. Our dear friend, Ivan Huang, is the photographer and also host for my sister, Helena, and I. We played around a lot with tea cups, roses and bows xD.

Here is absolutely my all-time favourite shot of Helena and me:
Would you like some rose tea❤?
Since I have a lot of bows:
Our playground❤
Most of these bows are hairpins, hairclips and brooches that I collect :)
The path of bows
Goofing off:
We decided to make a bow rain, and somewhat succeeded xD. We did numerous shots (I don't remember how many anymore) and I kept getting hit in the face by bows ;__;
It's raining bow❤
Sisterly love? xD

Some shots of me ^^:

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Headband: Angelic Pretty
Flowers: Micheals

I'm pretty much AP head-to-toe lol. I particularly love this JSK, its lace, bows and details are so lovely *v*~.

We've recently worked on another shoot, himekaji and himegyaru style, IvanHelena and me ^__^~. Please look forward to it and thanks for reading ❤❤❤.

PS: Thanks Ivan for working and being extra patient with Helena and me xD.
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  1. Ya'll are just so cute!! <3 

  2. Beautiful! Both of you look gorgeous, what a splendid shoot! May I ask what the name of that OP is that your sister was wearing? It's stunning! @_@

  3. Thank you :)
    The one my sis wore is Victorian Rose by AP ^^

  4. Oh, well it's gorgeous! So glad I'm a part of EGL and that you are too, because it always makes me happy to see people with excellent and creative fashion taste! ^-^

  5. Aww, thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you :)

  6. Oh my...! You're both looking gorgeous!! Love your wigs ♥
    && bow rain ftw xDDD guess it's my favorite photo.

  7. Thanks :)
    I love the idea, hate it when I kept getting hit in the face tho :P.
    But again, it was fun ^^

  8. This is adorable! I love your photoshoots!

  9. lavenderandrosesJune 15, 2011 at 5:33 PM

    Very cute <3

  10. such an adorable photoshoot *w*
    I love that raining bow concept, I wish it happened in real life..

  11. Love your blog~ Followed you~ <3 Visit me back!

  12. Omg you are sooo adorable! I just love you're outfits <3 The bow rain picture was reallt worth taking, it's one of my favorite lolita pictures of all time.

  13. Me too. But hopefully they will rain small bows, not big ones xD

  14. Thanks and nice to meet you ♥