Jun 3, 2011

So it's a date♥

Another chilly and rainy day in Vancouver, yay! We had got some plans with friends, but got cancelled last minute, so my boyfriend took me out on a date instead lol.

I wanted to try a toned-down look that day~ Something between elegant, cute and preppy, I'm not sure xD.

Blouse: Mexx♥
Skirt: Ingni♥
Heels: DreamV♥

Here's, from my window, you got a view of the miserable world outside:

So my boyfriend took me to Burgoo Bistro, an international stew house with logo, "food for comfort." They are quite popular with 3 locations, and we went to the one on Main St.

The exterior looks like a cottage:


 We got salmon cake (France) as starter, and it was delicious. I love the sauce:

I got Manhattan clam chowder as entree, while my boyfriend ordered Tastier Chicken sandwich. I wasn't much hungry but my boyfriend enjoyed his sandwich tremendously lol. I assume we are gonna come back to Burgoo Bistro for more of their dishes. I especially look forward to try their fondue and waffle!

Afterwards we went to BookOff, since I had no desire to walk outside and ruin my outfit. Yes, of all day, I decided to dress mainly in white while it rained cats and dogs >.<~. The store had a sale that day, 50% off for all non-hardcover books (except for Japanese books), so we decided to buy some manga xP:

After spending few hours downtown, we went home for the hockey game. By that time, my hair has loosen so much due to rain and wind x__x. Here's how my hair looks before going out:

Look at the aftermath:

Since I didn't like how my eye make-up turned out last time, I aimed to make it look more natural, with the lower liner closer to my real eyes:

I think it looks nicer? Let me know what you think xP.


  1. you look extremely lovely as always! i love how you get your hair so high D: it's so full of volume, i love it! do you have a tutorial for that 8D :3


  2. the lower line closer to the eyes looks better :)

  3. lavenderandrosesJune 3, 2011 at 2:02 PM

    For some odd reason, your outfit reminds me of what a hostess would wear (particularly one in restaurants ) xD I don't know why, but your outfit is cute. Love the coordinates. As for the makeup, I think that the one that you are wearing in this photo looks more natural than the last photo. 

  4. You look beautiful! Your hair survived really well. When the weather gets bad here I end up home with my hair all over the place!

  5. Thanks :)
    I will put up a post soon ^^~

  6. Thanks ^^. I use a lot of hairspray and use my bf as shields against wind when I go out with him xP

  7. I can see why xP. And thanks ^^

  8. Haha XD That's what boyfriends are good for! I might need to find a stronger hairspray if my hair doesn't stay that well~

  9. your makeup and hair looks gorgeous as always ♥

  10. i like ur new make up)
    and hair looks cute even after u came back)

  11. Got2b Freezing Spray is what I use usually since its super affordable :P
    Bedhead had really strong hairspray, better than Got2b, but more pricey =v=

  12. Thank you for the recommendation!