Jul 28, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award♥

Wow, I was so surprised to receive not one, but two Lovely Blog Award from sweet Chirality and gorgeous Suzu. Guys, you are way too kind to me >///<.

It's such an honor since I've since long followed both of their blogs. Chirality is a combination of sweet lolita and hime *highfive*, who often provides lovely detailed reviews and various helpful tutorials for gals and lolita alike. Whereas Suzu styles are more hime/agejo, who regularly update with super adorable/sexy co-ordinates with a closet that's worth to die for xD!

I'm really happy that they both enjoy and recommend my blog ^///^~.

 7 Random Facts about myself:

1. My real name is the name of a Princess and a Queen. Han Ngoc Le (English way), or Lê Ngọc Hân, was renowned for her beauty and talent for literature. She was the princess in the Lê dynasty, and later became beloved queen of Quang Trung Emperor. Yes, you can call me Ngoc Han Princess :P.

2. I used to take martial art and dance class. Both are for performance purpose since I can't claim to be able to defend myself so well xD. I used to be really athletic, working out everyday. Then due to heavy loads of school work, and crazy hour of cram school, I stopped all those class together. And guess what, I gained weight; which leads to my unhappy figure at the moment T__T.... Yes, I need to work out more...

3. I used to be a tomboy and afraid of wearing dresses/skirts. During my martial art phase, I refused to be girly lol. I was also in heavy H.O.T phase, hence my style consisted of baggy clothing and jeans and sneakers. That and the fact that my classmate was so fond of me, and and thought it funny to call me names like Piggy and Ms.Cabbage :/. It's not that I was hated, quite the contrary actually. However, I was afraid to speak my mind and tell my friends to stop. My self-esteem was so low that I felt embarrassed and afraid of wearing dresses/skirts. I didn't break out of my shell until two years ago. Now even though I'm not satisfied with my body, but at least I can be proud of how I look ^^~

4. I love boardgames. I think most people think it nerdy/geeky; but I like having friends over playing boardgames weekly. Not Monopoly, mind you (although Monopoly Deal Cardgame is quite fun :P); but games that require both luck and strategy :D. Personally, I prefer games that I can smash my opponents to pieces... Just kidding :P

5. Blue is my favourite color. Even though I love wearing pink, or whitexpink or pinkxblack, blue is undoubtedly my forever fav♥. Why? Because it's the color of sky and sea. It can help ease your mood, relax you, but at the same time, it's the color of sadness. Remember the song Love is Blue?

6. My favourite musician is Muse. And then Stars, Linkin Park, Mother Mother, Metric, Snow Patrol... The list goes on. Bet that surprised you XD! Thanks to my boyfriend, I often listen to indie music, but I find that I'm inclined towards alternative rock. Generally, though, I'm open to most genre of music. I listen to mainstream stuffs sometimes, including K-pop and rarely J-pop, but they don't hold my interest for long :P.

7. Forever a manga lover♥. Yes, I haven't read as many enough manga as I used to before, but I still have certain series on my monthly have-to read like Gantz, Soul Eater, Claymore and Skip Beat =3=. I just have too many *distraction* to actually focus on my huge not-so-updated reading list lol. Nevertheless, I'm still much fond of reading manga as I used to :P. It's hard to beat indulging in a good series like Pluto, xxxHolic, Ouran, RGVeda, Dear Mine... The list goes on XD

And now to 15 bloggers that so deserves 
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2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
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Much Love 

Jul 20, 2011

The last of May and new purchases from Moery and Chocomint ♥

Just wanna show you my hair from May shoot with Helena and Ivan♥

I wasn't 100% satisfied with it. It was better than my first try, though Helena thinks that the shape was too square T__T. And the back was kinda messy too >_<.... But I swear I shall be better next time lol~

Early June, I was so happy to received my stuffs from Moery and Chocomint XD

I really like the design of Moery package. Super feminine with lovely logo~

It's sweet that there is a thank-you note as well ^^.

I ordered Priscilla half-wig and bang in LIYE (blond) color and was so happy with the quality. The hair is so smooth and quite natural-looking; and the curls is gorgeous. I shall show you how it looks in person next time ^___^.

And now time to show my super adorable shopping hauls from Chocomint >v<~~~~:

A baby pink polka-dots bangle♥ . I really adore the design, but I don't like how it's a little bit big and easily slips from my wrists :(. It's best to wear over long sleeve blouse ^^.

Love love this ring. It's look so cute and yummy xD

My favourite ring at the moment♥ . I rarely own things in lavender but this is absolutely love XD!

A really cute bracelet when worn♥ .

And more bows of course xD! One is a choker, the other a hairtie ♥ . I really like these, and would love to get all the color available if my wallet would let me >v<~~~.

Overall, I'm really happy with my new purchases. Next post will be most likely be my DreamV hauls, please look forward to it ^.~

Let me know what you think♥

Jul 18, 2011

Dear sweet sister♥

To my super cute and talented sister, my closet friend, I wish you a fun and accomplished year ahead♥. And hope that you will achieve your dreams ^__^.  Just so you know, I'm always here ready to support/correct you no matter what you do lol. We fight often, almost as much as we are together, but at the end of the day, you know you can always count on me :).

Much love♥

Jul 14, 2011

Of experimenting and pass of May♥~

Yay, finally I've reached the last part of May♥. Soon we'll be off to future XD~~~

So I'd been watching this super interesting video called,"How To Trick People Into Thinking You Have Big Boobs", by lovely hilarious Jenna♥:

My thought afterwards was a train of: "Wao~... Interesting... Gotta try it ^v^~!" :P. And here's the result~:

Sorry for crappy iPhone quality >__<
With few little tricks, my boobs appears to be in perfect shape, I think :P. Yay for make-up and padding xDDD! However, the downside is that it feels incredibly tight, uncomfortable and tiring after a while <___<. I don't recommend you trying it for a long night out, the first time, that's for sure :P.

My boyfriend has a mix reaction towards this *appearance* however XD. He thinks I look great, but the idea of two bras+make-up+padding etc combination is incredibly weird lol... But whatever, really, I would only do these tricks when clubbing anyway :P

During the last part of May, I tried to do more quick-hairstyling session. Mainly practising :P. Here is something I did in within 30-45mins:

Again, sorry for crappy iPhone quality >_<~~~
Not too bad ^^"?

I had tried to do something a little bit different as well. Here's my attempt of something less of hime-poof and more of Popteen style, I think :P

I think it turns out okay; something I need to work on more ><... Here's the full view look:

Just a soft look with my fav DreamV heels . I'm really tempted to dye the ending part of my hair to match my roots ><... but at the same time, I sorta like how my hair color softly shades from blond to brown :P. Should I dye my hair or no 0v0?

The last day of May, Helena and I did a gyaru photoshoot with Ivan Huang (remember him from our lolita shoot ^^?) He has been so busy so here's just a little sneak peak of our shoot♥:


Let me know what you think♥

Jul 9, 2011

If sheer laziness can kill...

Procrastination will be the end of me... orz

I'm still blogging about May, if you haven't figured out yet... I know... DX. Anyway, here's my co-ordinate to a movie date with my boyfriend

Top: Tralala♥
Skort: Liz Lisa Doll♥
Heels: DreamV♥

Love love this Tralala top

I guess I'm still in my bow love-love phrase:

Anyway, I have readers request/ask for my straight hair look, so here you go; my super lazy, casual, ordinary look :P

I was at White Spot with my friends. It was a lazy Sunday and I was too lazy to do my hair =3=


And others White Spot goodness =3=:

Remember my favourite Carcassone game? Even if you don't, well... We had our fav couple over for a game night and decided to play Carcassone with all the extension pieces available. God, it was a long long game. Like, for 2 hours? XD

By the end of it, everyone was so tired lol. Here's to a geeky moment: My super awesome city that was painstakingly fought over T^T:

And our giant map of Carcassone lol:

And guess what I've been doing during my free time:

Reading Game of Thrones novels xDDDD. Or more precisely, Song of Ice and Fire series. The first season of the TV series has ended, which saddens me quite a bit T_T. I've finished the first two books, roughly 700 pages of Medieval fantasy goodness >v<~. I'm currently almost halfway through the third book which is around 900~1000 pages xP. My boyfriend has pre-ordered the fifth book for me, which is super super exciting♥.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and I promise I will update more... soon ^^~.