Jul 9, 2011

If sheer laziness can kill...

Procrastination will be the end of me... orz

I'm still blogging about May, if you haven't figured out yet... I know... DX. Anyway, here's my co-ordinate to a movie date with my boyfriend

Top: Tralala♥
Skort: Liz Lisa Doll♥
Heels: DreamV♥

Love love this Tralala top

I guess I'm still in my bow love-love phrase:

Anyway, I have readers request/ask for my straight hair look, so here you go; my super lazy, casual, ordinary look :P

I was at White Spot with my friends. It was a lazy Sunday and I was too lazy to do my hair =3=


And others White Spot goodness =3=:

Remember my favourite Carcassone game? Even if you don't, well... We had our fav couple over for a game night and decided to play Carcassone with all the extension pieces available. God, it was a long long game. Like, for 2 hours? XD

By the end of it, everyone was so tired lol. Here's to a geeky moment: My super awesome city that was painstakingly fought over T^T:

And our giant map of Carcassone lol:

And guess what I've been doing during my free time:

Reading Game of Thrones novels xDDDD. Or more precisely, Song of Ice and Fire series. The first season of the TV series has ended, which saddens me quite a bit T_T. I've finished the first two books, roughly 700 pages of Medieval fantasy goodness >v<~. I'm currently almost halfway through the third book which is around 900~1000 pages xP. My boyfriend has pre-ordered the fifth book for me, which is super super exciting♥.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and I promise I will update more... soon ^^~.


  1. Very cute outfit as always, i wish I could look so slim! No one beats me at laziness though...

  2. lavenderandrosesJuly 9, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    Cute outfit! ^^ Laziness defeats everybody I believe.

  3. Wow the clOthes are all so cute!!! Love ur style!!

  4. Lol I'm the pro-procastinator xD

  5. You are skinny, and tall! I wish I'm 10cm taller x__x

  6. OMG your hair is perfection!


  7. I love this style<3 you look so cute xx

  8. are the Game of Thrones books really good? :)
    i'm looking for some summer reads ^^