Jul 20, 2011

The last of May and new purchases from Moery and Chocomint ♥

Just wanna show you my hair from May shoot with Helena and Ivan♥

I wasn't 100% satisfied with it. It was better than my first try, though Helena thinks that the shape was too square T__T. And the back was kinda messy too >_<.... But I swear I shall be better next time lol~

Early June, I was so happy to received my stuffs from Moery and Chocomint XD

I really like the design of Moery package. Super feminine with lovely logo~

It's sweet that there is a thank-you note as well ^^.

I ordered Priscilla half-wig and bang in LIYE (blond) color and was so happy with the quality. The hair is so smooth and quite natural-looking; and the curls is gorgeous. I shall show you how it looks in person next time ^___^.

And now time to show my super adorable shopping hauls from Chocomint >v<~~~~:

A baby pink polka-dots bangle♥ . I really adore the design, but I don't like how it's a little bit big and easily slips from my wrists :(. It's best to wear over long sleeve blouse ^^.

Love love this ring. It's look so cute and yummy xD

My favourite ring at the moment♥ . I rarely own things in lavender but this is absolutely love XD!

A really cute bracelet when worn♥ .

And more bows of course xD! One is a choker, the other a hairtie ♥ . I really like these, and would love to get all the color available if my wallet would let me >v<~~~.

Overall, I'm really happy with my new purchases. Next post will be most likely be my DreamV hauls, please look forward to it ^.~

Let me know what you think♥


  1. oooh i have the same MA*RS dress hehe ♥
    it's so cute on you! :)
    and your hair is always super gorgeous! ^^

  2. I think your hair looks cute ^^ The bows on the last picture is my favorite~! but everything is so cute!!!

  3. Cute gets!! I want to see the half wig worn! :)

  4. I think your hair looks really lovely (and the MA*RS onepiece suits you perfectly XD) don't worry about the back of the hair as long as it looks acceptable. You should see the back of gals here in Japan, it might make all the strict gaijin gyaru faint haha!!

    Oh what CUTE things you got! I love chocomint accessories!

  5. Those rings :O So kawaii. I want them all :( Haha!

  6. lavenderandrosesJuly 20, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    Lovely hauls. I love your lavender ring too though I'm pretty sure that won't be a surprise. xD Can't wait to see your DreamV haul.

  7. very cute stuff. you look very gyaru!

  8. wow i can't wait to see you in that prisila half wig :)

  9. Cutttte! ♥ I think you did a pretty good job on your hair, I really like it.

    And I've got the same chocomint ring, in white though. They've got so many cute things *-*

  10. Your very beautiful ^^

  11. I know eh? I love to get lots of stuffs from Chocomint XP. All their bows brooches/hairclip at least! I was to get the star clips they have as well but it always seem to sell out T__T

  12. I hope not to disappoint  ♥

  13. lol for sure xD. Recently I become fond of blue sax and lavender color; I really like a gal called Charlotte and she always pulls of lilac/lavender theme outfit so well *jelly*

  14. Thank you :). That gives me relief :P. Haha, I would love to get tutuHa accessories but they are quite pricey for me... Really really wanna steal your tutuHa cross necklace xD

  15. Thank you :D

    I love those bows but its kinda hard for me to wear them sometimes, unless I go super sweet or lolita ~

  16. Thanks, Sylvia. Maybe we can be twin Ma*rs one day >v<~?

  17. Bows are especially cute too :3

  18. whoops I just saw my big spelling mistake *You're*

  19. Hello Princess!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have a "One Lovely Blog Award" for you! =)


    You´re my absolute idol when it comes to hime and lolita ♥
    I especially love your outfits and your hairstyling, you´re sweet as sugar. ^////^ Please keep inspiring me!