Jul 14, 2011

Of experimenting and pass of May♥~

Yay, finally I've reached the last part of May♥. Soon we'll be off to future XD~~~

So I'd been watching this super interesting video called,"How To Trick People Into Thinking You Have Big Boobs", by lovely hilarious Jenna♥:

My thought afterwards was a train of: "Wao~... Interesting... Gotta try it ^v^~!" :P. And here's the result~:

Sorry for crappy iPhone quality >__<
With few little tricks, my boobs appears to be in perfect shape, I think :P. Yay for make-up and padding xDDD! However, the downside is that it feels incredibly tight, uncomfortable and tiring after a while <___<. I don't recommend you trying it for a long night out, the first time, that's for sure :P.

My boyfriend has a mix reaction towards this *appearance* however XD. He thinks I look great, but the idea of two bras+make-up+padding etc combination is incredibly weird lol... But whatever, really, I would only do these tricks when clubbing anyway :P

During the last part of May, I tried to do more quick-hairstyling session. Mainly practising :P. Here is something I did in within 30-45mins:

Again, sorry for crappy iPhone quality >_<~~~
Not too bad ^^"?

I had tried to do something a little bit different as well. Here's my attempt of something less of hime-poof and more of Popteen style, I think :P

I think it turns out okay; something I need to work on more ><... Here's the full view look:

Just a soft look with my fav DreamV heels . I'm really tempted to dye the ending part of my hair to match my roots ><... but at the same time, I sorta like how my hair color softly shades from blond to brown :P. Should I dye my hair or no 0v0?

The last day of May, Helena and I did a gyaru photoshoot with Ivan Huang (remember him from our lolita shoot ^^?) He has been so busy so here's just a little sneak peak of our shoot♥:


Let me know what you think♥


  1. Haha still have been using that trick! ;D (people have been noticing in pics and thought my boobs grew o.o;) I'm kinda wanting to be a Gogo dancer too so it was great info~ But from previous images, I think you already are well endowed so the trick doesn't matter regardless.

  2. Lol nice trick! Looks so real! Looking cute as always! You shoul have some tutorials on hairstyles because yours is cute!!!

  3. I love your hair!

    ...and kinda tempted to try those boob tricks, but I'm not sure I've got enough to work with haha. My friend gave me tips at school which were just tighten the straps as much as they'll go, and have your nipples as close to showing as you can (but obviously not showing! It's just hard to describe) as it'll make your boobs look bigger. Man I feel weird commenting that!

  4. Your hair looks fantastic :)

  5. lavenderandrosesJuly 16, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    :) A perfect hime look (to me anyway) as usual. <3 As for dying your hair, it is completely up to you. Personally I wouldn't because the brown ends are fine as they are and going from blond to black is a little weird for me Oo. 

  6. Lol that's funny. I wish all my fat would go to my boobs instead of my face or thigh *__*.

    On the other side, I guess that's the main difference between me and Helena. When pp ask how to tell us apart, I simply say,"I have bigger assets." JK :PI guess being a Gogo dancer has its appeal; but the fact that your working hours are unstable and kinda shitty imo. I mean, you work on weekends nights mostly, which kinda sucks for me :P

  7. Hey I get what you mean xD. Talking about boobs generally seem very awkward so yeah :P

    Besides, you can always try these tricks. I mean, padding ought to work for everyone right ^^?

  8. Thank you :)

    I mean, I wanna dye the brown ends to be golden brown~blonde like the top part XD

  9. I was wondering if ur skin is naturally pale(ish)...