One Lovely Blog Award♥

Wow, I was so surprised to receive not one, but two Lovely Blog Award from sweet Chirality and gorgeous Suzu. Guys, you are way too kind to me >///<.

It's such an honor since I've since long followed both of their blogs. Chirality is a combination of sweet lolita and hime *highfive*, who often provides lovely detailed reviews and various helpful tutorials for gals and lolita alike. Whereas Suzu styles are more hime/agejo, who regularly update with super adorable/sexy co-ordinates with a closet that's worth to die for xD!

I'm really happy that they both enjoy and recommend my blog ^///^~.

 7 Random Facts about myself:

1. My real name is the name of a Princess and a Queen. Han Ngoc Le (English way), or Lê Ngọc Hân, was renowned for her beauty and talent for literature. She was the princess in the Lê dynasty, and later became beloved queen of Quang Trung Emperor. Yes, you can call me Ngoc Han Princess :P.

2. I used to take martial art and dance class. Both are for performance purpose since I can't claim to be able to defend myself so well xD. I used to be really athletic, working out everyday. Then due to heavy loads of school work, and crazy hour of cram school, I stopped all those class together. And guess what, I gained weight; which leads to my unhappy figure at the moment T__T.... Yes, I need to work out more...

3. I used to be a tomboy and afraid of wearing dresses/skirts. During my martial art phase, I refused to be girly lol. I was also in heavy H.O.T phase, hence my style consisted of baggy clothing and jeans and sneakers. That and the fact that my classmate was so fond of me, and and thought it funny to call me names like Piggy and Ms.Cabbage :/. It's not that I was hated, quite the contrary actually. However, I was afraid to speak my mind and tell my friends to stop. My self-esteem was so low that I felt embarrassed and afraid of wearing dresses/skirts. I didn't break out of my shell until two years ago. Now even though I'm not satisfied with my body, but at least I can be proud of how I look ^^~

4. I love boardgames. I think most people think it nerdy/geeky; but I like having friends over playing boardgames weekly. Not Monopoly, mind you (although Monopoly Deal Cardgame is quite fun :P); but games that require both luck and strategy :D. Personally, I prefer games that I can smash my opponents to pieces... Just kidding :P

5. Blue is my favourite color. Even though I love wearing pink, or whitexpink or pinkxblack, blue is undoubtedly my forever fav♥. Why? Because it's the color of sky and sea. It can help ease your mood, relax you, but at the same time, it's the color of sadness. Remember the song Love is Blue?

6. My favourite musician is Muse. And then Stars, Linkin Park, Mother Mother, Metric, Snow Patrol... The list goes on. Bet that surprised you XD! Thanks to my boyfriend, I often listen to indie music, but I find that I'm inclined towards alternative rock. Generally, though, I'm open to most genre of music. I listen to mainstream stuffs sometimes, including K-pop and rarely J-pop, but they don't hold my interest for long :P.

7. Forever a manga lover♥. Yes, I haven't read as many enough manga as I used to before, but I still have certain series on my monthly have-to read like Gantz, Soul Eater, Claymore and Skip Beat =3=. I just have too many *distraction* to actually focus on my huge not-so-updated reading list lol. Nevertheless, I'm still much fond of reading manga as I used to :P. It's hard to beat indulging in a good series like Pluto, xxxHolic, Ouran, RGVeda, Dear Mine... The list goes on XD

And now to 15 bloggers that so deserves 
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Much Love 


  1. Congrats on the award! : )
    I also had a very long tomboy phase haha! I didn't want to look cute for some reason.

  2. lavenderandrosesJuly 29, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    Congratulations on winning the awards! :D Don't you like it how your name is based on an actual princess? I find that amazing and fascinating.    

  3. yay! thank you for the award <3 heee~ 
    I use to be a tomboy too, im still kinda boyish up to now only more make-up skills hahahha!!!

  4. Thanks a lot for the award, Sharon! ^_^

  5. aaw, you're adorable (^_^)

    Oni & Giri <3

  6. I find it interesting that a few gals, esp the most girly ones, I know used to be tomboy before like Chirality and Suzu lol

  7. When I was a kid, I used to be so embarrassed when pp call me princess lol. But now, I'm really proud *highfive*

  8. I think it's interesting that pp go through extremely different phrases in their life :P

  9. thank you for the award!! its always fun when you get a sense of who is really reading and appreciating your blog.. enough to actually award you!