Aug 7, 2011

Because you, yes you, who hold the power ♥♥♥

Dear my lovely readers, would you be soooooo kind to vote for my sister, Helena, pretty pretty please♥♥♥? She is currently participating in Kawaii.i Fashion Contest. If she can have you guys' support, that would be totally awesome♥♥♥!

This is Helena in hime lolita outfit. The photos are from Lolita Fashion Show at Anime Evolution 2010 :).

Besides lolita, Helena likes dressing in gyaru, mainly sweet with a bit rock sometimes♥. She also has strong interest in hairstyling and nails. I always think she does a much better job in styling and co-ordinating than me >__<~~~:

So please, fellow lolita/gyaru lovers, it would be greatly appreciated if you can cast your vote for Helena♥! 

Voting is super simple and quick! Just click the VOTE button, accept the application and voila! It would be super awesome if you can spread your words by clicking the SHARE button on the application, or reblog our tumblr post or maybe even mention this in your blog. You have no idea how grateful we would be >v<~~~!

♥♥♥Million hug and kisses♥♥♥


  1. Oh she's really cute and I love her style. I will definitely vote for her :)

  2. I think your sister picked the perfect outfit to enter with, its so eye catching, I hope she has good luck and it's so nice of you to support her!

  3. i voted for her when i saw your fb post :3