Helena's birthday ♥

Posting chronologically can be such a hassle to readers of a pro-procrastinating blogger, aka me >_<. Well, this is a companion post to Helena's birthday post.

So for my sis' birthday, she intended it to be a small group of close friends having a cosy tea party at Adonia.  We went to Nikkoffee first, then went to Parker Place to take some purikura . For that day, I dressed in shiro lolita ^__^. 

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
One-Piece: Banana Fish
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Heels: DreamV

Nikkoffee is a really lovely French cafe with cute decor, mainly floral theme. I was surprised by how quiet it is, however, since we were the only group in the entire place . But it was kinda good, though, it worked out that we had more opportunity to take photos .

I found it kinda interesting that I was wearing Helena's one-piece and wig that day; and surprisingly, people thought it suited me . There are friends commenting how I should dye my hair ash blonde, since I can pull it off quite well. What do you think?

Afterwards, we went to  Parker Place to take purikura, since they have Bambi Eyes machine that can make your eyes three times bigger. But first, some full outfit shot of Helena and me together

I love how we both wore cream/white dress. You can kinda see our matching white bags in the back as well .

And of course, purikura booth are the perfect places to camwhore due to their super good lightning.

This above is me waiting for Helena and her friend adding sparkle etc to their puri. I'm not very good at deco so I let them do all the work:

Beware, alien eyes!
From what it seemed like forever, we finally left for our reservation at Adonia then went back to our place around 7:30. Since Helena already blogged about it, I'm just gonna skip it. Here's a photo of us together at Adonia.

P/S: Sorry there is no group photos, except purikura, since most of them turned out blurry or terrible shots 


  1. You two look so pretty and match each others outfits so well. Haha You guys are also lucky to have a tea place near your place (so envious >.<). I don't mind what hair colour you decide to keep since they both fit on you. :)  

  2. Wow I often go to parker place too! Can you tell me the adress to the tea place?

  3. you are always looking like the perfect doll ^__^ pretty girl ;)

  4. You look so perfect :)
    I wish I had a sister like you do, we could always wear clothes from the other one :P


  5. Lol I guess I get that quite often :P

    My sis and I are very close and share similar interest in fashion; on the other side, when you are so close to someone like that, you fight a lot too :P

  6. Sure, Adonia Tea House is in Kerrisdale, one W41st Ave and West Boulevard :)

  7. Thanks :). 

    We actually work together 

  8. your so cute ! i love your styles <3

  9. Aw... you both look so cute!
    It's really nice to see sisters who love the same fashion.
    You get to share tips and teach each other stuff and I think that's really nice!

    Please check out my blog giveaway!
    Thank you!

  10. haha~ purikura is the best place to camwhore!
    totally agree!

  11. wow you two are friggen gorgeous! Perfect lolitas :)


  12. Lindsey Bows And ArrowNovember 26, 2011 at 5:53 PM

    you both look so cute!!!

    love the dress