Aug 1, 2011

Things that made me a happy gal♥

As promised, I'm gonna show you guys my stuffs from DreamV ^.^~:

My most favourite shot/denim at the moment! I generally dislike wearing jeans but this is absolutely perfect! Love love the details at the shorts edge, the bow chain and adorable bows at the back *___*. You have no idea how happy I was to be able to fit into that shorts xDDDD

I got this top in whitexpink before, but I love the design a lot to get this in pink as well xDDD. This can suits both himekaji/sweet gyaru looks and casual lolita :). Plus it was on sale :P.

And here are something Helena got that I'm tempted to buy as well :P. (Posting it here cuz she's probably gonna take forever to update her blog :P.)

The heels are absolute gorgeous in real life *___*. My friend also got two pair, one white with pale roses and one black with red roses. When I look at them, I can't help being, "I need them in my life so badly," lol. As a flower-loving gal, I seriously lack a pair of flower-adorned heels >_<.

Super adorable Hello Kitty eyelash case from DreamV. The design is so so cute! Portable and has a mirror inside, absolutely sweet xD! Definitely want one :P... But it has to wait, I guess... Shopping too much lately =v=. 

Nevertheless, shopping made me happy, (although afterwards I get buyers' remorse >.<) but guess what made me happier?


Thank you, thank you so so much for your kind words, anon! You made my day! Actually, I still have fuzzy feeling when I see this ^////^.  Although, I'm not actually a model >m<. I'm just doing photoshoot with friends for fun :P. But I'm really happy you enjoy what I'm doing.

Much much love, hug and kisses to you♥!

Speaking of gratitude, I wanna thank Sui as well, for choosing me as a winner of her give-away xD. I really never won anything before so this was a pleasant surprise >v<~. So her package arrive few days ago, due to mainly delay from stupid Canada Post ^"^. Anyhow, I was happy to to get these:

- 1  light pink curvys bear mini hat
- 1 black Maria Glace hair ties with ribbon
- 1 choco mint hair bow clip (light pink)
- 1 Rilakkuma charm 
-1 Ma*rs paper bag 
-1 leo pink hairband
-1 pair leo earrings
-1 pair lashes
- 3 deco plastics (1 jewel heart pink, 1 heart turquoise, one cake)
- 50 deco rhinestones
- 3 vichi samples

It was so nice that I received a small note from Sui as well. She is such a sweet gal/lolita with lovely style with a closet worth dying for xD! 

Anyway, thanks again, Sui♥. Everthing is so lovely, but my favourite is the Curvy Bear Hat.

It's so cute and the color matches my new pink top so well xD. I'm gonna have much fun co-ordinating with these :).

And here's the fun part, lovely Eki is hosting a give-away as well:

Please enter here for a chance to win brandnew bottle of Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream ^^. The deadline is SAT/ 8.6.11 midnight central US time zone. Good luck ^.^~!


  1. Those shorts are the cutest! As are you <3

  2. Wow the stuff are all so cute~ ! Your side view is pretty!

  3. wow~ you always have a lot of florals, lace, roses, pink~~ so cute!

  4. Such cute purchases! I will definitely be stocking up on cute hime shorts next summer once I've lost weight, they are too cute to pass up! Congrats on winning Sui's giveaway! That hat is so cute *u* You also look amazing! <3 Your circle lenses match your hair color!

  5. Oh the items are very cute and very you! I'm glad to hear you have a secret admirer/fan and won a giveaway!

  6. What a nice haul, especially those shoes. <3 Those shoes are love. It's okay, I don't have a lot of flower shoes either. xD Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

  7. omg ! you look so cute '!!! *___*
    i will get the same shoes as you haha XD are they comfortable?`*___*

  8. Your hair and make looks flawless as usual! You look like you came straight out of a magazine. You do Hime so well. 

  9. Hey~ I was wondering if you can send me the link of where you got your shorts from~ Its SO cute and I would love to buy a pair too :)