Dec 31, 2011

So we are still alive...

Shirt:  Snidel 
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: Pinky Rose

Here's my entry about December 31, 2011 - the celebration of supposedly the last day on Earth. Eh, not really... I didn't go clubbing or anything, since the line + price is ridiculous for me. Instead, it mainly involved chilling and a bit drinking with my friends.

I didn't want to dress too formal or too casual, so my co-ordinate is pretty much standard for my going out: pink, polished and cute. This Liz Lisa floral skirt is one of my favourites, but I hadn't had many chances to wear it. Its shape and print were instant love for me. I paired it up with a sheer Snidel pink top and over-the-knees lace-up boots.

What do you think about this look?
Taken with my iPhone :)
I think I look evil in this...
As you can see, I've enjoyed loose curls lately. Not only it looks nice (imo), it also takes me less time than before. I still play around quite a bit with it, experimenting mostly with the top layers since different ways of curls have different impact. For example, curling tight & outward is not flattering for chubby face, which is like mine... . That's why I still curled the locks around my face inward, to hide my fat frame my face.

I had changed my eyes make-up a bit too, since my fav Eyemazing no.1 ran out . I used Eyemazing no.3 instead, but the effect was too minimal . In the end, I added Diamond Lashes Cat's Eyes on top, which create a more grown-up look than usual, I think ? Maybe it's just me... 

Well, here are actual outfit shots :

As you can see, I'm still experimenting with the editing program, and the results are quite inconsistent . Sometimes I think it's better to take picture with phone since it's much simpler . But it's ok, I think, since practice makes perfect, right? I can't help complaining about my lack of skills though.

Well, I hope you enjoy this outfit of mine. Until next time .

Dec 29, 2011

Keep calm and stay classy

Dress: Liz Lisa
Boots: Pinky Rose
Accessories: Chess Story & offbrand

As mentioned in my previous post, our grad party was hold prior to finals week. So after two weeks of tears & blood (no, not really), school was over and we finally had an actual celebration at a local pub .

I had wanted to dress up mature/sexy but it was too cold outside to do so . Instead, I chose a brown Liz Lisa dress so that I wouldn't stand out too much . It's interesting since I used to hate wearing brown before, and recently I've tried to add more neutral and earthy tone items to my closet. Does this mean that I'm slowly growing up ? On the other hand, I couldn't resist wearing the big bow top so I ended up looking like my "normal" self anyway . I added a cameo brooch and ring to complete the look. Now that I've looked back, I think the bow headband is kinda unnecessary . Well, next time .

With my favourite gal  ♥   
Our group with my no.1 fav teacher!

The food there is only good with booze =_=
Sleeman Honey Brown ♥   
I had fun that night, relaxing and goofing off with friends since there's no more school . We chatted a lot, drank quite a bit and of course, exchanged gifts as Secret Santa . I'm glad my friend liked the gift I bought: a pink stripe bow tie .

He was so worried since we put the gift inside a La Vie en Rose bag . Tsk tsk, pervert!  

I'm super lucky that my fav gal was my Secret Santa. Her gift was absolutely perfect . Me totally happy . I will show you my gift in the next entry. Please look forward to it   .

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