Dec 26, 2011

Another party, another outfit. Yup.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Heels: DreamV
Accessories: Offbrand

This is an outfit I wore to my boyfriend's staff party at Sheraton Hotel. I wanted to portray an elegant/mature image, without being over-the-top so this is the result. I love love the pearl necklace that my sis bought . I sort of tried out different curls as well, though I guess the result is not that obvious.

My bf as my personal camera-man  LOL  
Surprisingly, or maybe not, I still kinda stood out at the party. I was so worried prior to the party since I knew no one; but I managed to make a new friend and we chatted away happily throughout the dinner  . We also found out that one my bf and my mutual friends work as a bartender at the hotel, hence our frequent trips to the bar . I was quite happy to be able to talk to him after so long. The problem with me is that I can easily make new friends but I'm barely to keep in touch with all my friends 

One of my favourite bag   
Headshot cause it's lacking :P
A lovely Christmas tree asked me to pose with *get shot*
Overall, it was a lovely party, much less awkward than my expectation. Moreover, my bf won $100 IKEA Gift Card at the raffle . Although, honestly, I don't know what we are going to do with the gift card. Maybe another drawer for me? God knows I need one .

Well, until next time 

Very soon, I promise...


  1. I really like your outfit and I have the same problem with easily finding new friends but don't really stay in touch -_-

  2. I love your coord! I think it came out very lovely. =) And that necklace is unbelievable! Grats on the card xD

    And I have to ask, where do you get your cute little pixel graphics? I'm looking to build my blog's design more and would love to have more cute stuff on it ^.^

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. Oh Sharon you are such a lovely girl!

    I love this outfit so cute and sweeet!

  4. Thank you :). Some of my graphics are from You can try google gyaru emoticons, since thats how I searched for emoticons. I can try finding the site again :).

  5. Thank you :). I find that it's easy for me to talk to others face-to-face than txt/call/sms. Plus I'm lazy :P.

  6. I really love your coord, it's perfection *O*

  7. You look really pretty. <3 The necklace looks similar to the ones at Jesus Diamante. I am usually a "wallflower" when at parties because I don't really know anyone there and I'm usually more of a guest than a co-worker/associate. ^^; 

  8. Thanks :). I'm not an extrovert by nature. My being outgoing is something I picked up (or was forced to) due to the nature of my job - customer service lol. I understand the feelings though. I dislike going to new places where everyone already knows each other, except you =_=. It's a lot of work blending in :P

  9. Found it:

  10. Your necklace looks super elegant, I love it! Your outfit is also really pretty!