A Day of Our Life

In the sun. Back in summer 2011.

Helena (left) and me. I actually had quite a number of "good" co-ordinates during summertime. (Pardon me, they are good as in blackkoi-standard ) Well, I feel that they deserved to be posted so here I am, reminiscing... Besides, spring are almost here, right? Well? No? Anyway...

Bow-tie top: Snidel
Shorts: DreamV
Heels: DreamV
Accessories: Chocomint & off-brand
I attempted to style my Priscilla half-wig a little bit and here is the result 

Not too bad, eh?

It was a typical day-off for  Helena and me. We just dressed up, had lunch together, drove/walked around Vancouver then went for dessert. Helena pretty much had summed it up on her blog already. Well, for me, the main highlight was dessert at Sweet Obsession.

Dessert from Sweet Obsession  has always been lovely. My boyfriend had taken me out there on dates a few times. Considering the level of quality, ambiance, service and pricing, Sweet Obsession is definitely much more pleasant dessert place, especially comparing to Sweet Revenge. It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to visit this lovely place recently...

Besides, with abundance of natural sunlight,  Sweet Obsession is quite a good place to camwhore too.

The shorts are really... short when I sit down =.=''
You can see the patio view from my side. It is quite lovely in summer, especially for a nice date .

About my co-ordinate, I really love this floral shirt from Snidel, so I wanted to do an all-pink co-ordinate with a (sort of) grown-up vibe with it . To be honest, this is probably my most favourite personal co-ordinate from summer 2011.

What do you think?


  1. Hi princess!! Beutiful cordinate and hair, and your sis look lovely too. It seems that you have a great day. BTW I want to ask you something, people are rude or mean when you dress hime? I'm a gal in trainning and others comments affect me. 

    NOTE: Your new layout looks beutiful.

  2. Thank you, Pamela :). I had some bad encounters when I dressed in lolita before, but not so much gyaru/hime. I guess mainly because nowadays when I go out, I tend to be with my bf or my sis so they sorta drive mean girls away lol? Also when I fully dress up, generally I don't take public transit so that may also reduce the chances of people reacting negatively to me?

    However, you really can't avoid being hurt by others. If there are people who enjoy your sense of style, there will be haters. I get rude anon comments before, but at the same time, the amount of supportive and encouraging comments are 100x times the negative ones.  

    Don't be worried if other gals are mean to you in the beginning. Everyone starts somewhere, and most of the time, you can only get better :). I was on g_s once when I first posted on e_g: anon criticized me for my bad co-ordinate. It was embarrassing but I got over it. I learnt from my mistakes and tried harder the next time :D.

    tl;dr Please don't let the negative comments get to you. Just keep doing what you love. Good luck ♥!

  3. thx girl I'm going to take this in mind.

  4. one last thing can I make an interview of u. Here is my email: candyrains4u@gmail.com

  5. Very sweet coord here! I especially love those shorts and shoes! ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. Sure :). You can email me anytime at blackkoihime@gmail.com or FB msg as well :D

  7. Being a huuuuge fan of sweet style...I am absolutely in love with this. *_* The floral, lace, pink & white, frills, bows and everything! 

    You make it look so elegant !

  8. I'm glad you like it. And thanks so much 

  9. Your friend Helena is very beautiful. I love the way she poses for the camera, and her wig/hair too!^^

  10. WOW! I've never really liked himegyaru but this is SO. CUTE. *O* <333 Your coords look so good! ; A ;

  11. Thank you <3. However, if I may, this is not really himegyaru but more of a himekaji-casual princess look :)

  12. Thanks & it's her real hair X). She's my younger sister actually. This is her blog: http://helenabraginski.blogspot.com. Though sadly, she doesn't update very often :(
    And thanks to her, I've learnt a lot about styling & posing xD. But I'm still a bit awkward with my poses sometimes :P

  13. Ah, I'm sorry! ;;; I'm not very educated on the hime side of all of this ;; But, once again, you look really cute  :)

  14. It's okay. Not a problem at all :). I understand the confusion. I get mixed up sometimes too :P

  15. hi omg i rly rly love your snidel floral top where did you buy it??? tell me plzzz >_< it's SUPER nice xD!! and u guys r so cute haha.

  16. You two look very lovely! <3 :) The cake looks delicious! I always did love your hair! It always looks so perfect. Looks like I need to get practicing.

  17. Thank you :D

    I got mine off on auction :)

  18. You are so sweet ^.^ Uhh lovely :)