Dream of an everlasting summer

Top:  DreamV 
Shorts: Liz Lisa
Heels: DreamV 
Bag: Bodyline 

Another post of summer 2011. How I missed summer! There were so many chances of wearing cute outfit and hanging out in the sun .

This is probably one of my most playful co-ordinates. A little bit over-the-top with an accent of hot pink.  I just love love that bat-sleeve top from DreamV  . It has a fun design and material perfect for summer weather. The lace is also decent; it is quite soft. The only problem with this top is that its shape can be unflattering. I think it make me look shorter too .

The cute pink bear hat is the perfect hair accessory for this look. I got it from Sui's give away . It's from the brand Curvy's.

The cake ring and fur bracelet are both from Chocomint. They added a more playful touch to the look.

And a pink bus, why not  ?

The Sphinx & me :)
That day we went to Aberdeen Mall to do some shopping. Aberdeen has always been one of my favourite local malls due to its stylish design. They also have interesting theme/exhibits from time to time, such as Egyptian theme with sculptures made from M&M.

The event was called "The Boy King of Egypt". It features sculptures of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The water fountain show was choreographed to play in accordance with the song "Walk like an Egyptian" and songs from The Mummy soundtrack. There were also performance of Egyptian theme musical and dance acts, which I unfortunately missed out .

Until next time 


  1. The ring is from chocomint? Would have never been able to tell *laughs*
    Your coordinate is super cute, though. I love the lace shorts, they're the most versataile item for sumer ever ♥

  2. Thank you :D
    Lace skorts, can't live without them :P

  3. I love the cake ring, and that seems like an odd, but very cool promotion by M+Ms lol!

  4. I can see the headline, "The secret of Ancient Egypt", "Treasure of the Pharaohs", lol

  5. You look so cute! So you live in richmond too? Wowww

  6. I live in Vancouver but I hang out in Richmond sometimes ;)

  7. what a cute outfit! I like the fur bracelet!

    xoxo Hitomineko xoox

  8. Victoria Allen HopeJanuary 16, 2012 at 7:20 AM

    Own;.; How cute! I loved the top, the acessories, the hair. Well everything <3

    And I loved specially the colors. Everything fits perfeclty <3

  9. Thanks so much for your kind words <3<3

  10. Wow! Such a cool mall! I wish the malls around here were like that T^T; And very sweet coord! I think you looked adorable in it. Not unflattering at all! I need to find these places you shop at. You always have adorable coords ♥

    ~ KIeli ~

  11. Thank you :D. I shop online mostly :P
    Where do you live?

  12. I saw your blog on everyday gyaru, and for Go, your blog is AWESOME!!
    I really liked your gyaru style, I hope I can be like you someday~
    and GOD! You're Helena's sister!!
    I love her lolita coords XD
    I'm really glad that I found your blog ♥

  13. You are too kind <3. I'm happy that you enjoy my blog :D. Please be kind to me in the future as well XD

  14. I really love this outfit!

    It suits you realle well ^^

  15. You look so cute! (but then again, when haven't you?) ^^ The mini top hat is also cute along with the Chocomint accessories, especially that cake ring! *loves cakes*

  16. haha sorry I never saw the reply ^^; I live in NY. They don't really do events anymore in the malls I go to. Heck, they are starting to close down a lot of stores >.<

    ~ Kieli ~