Jan 25, 2012

Grow Up and Blow Away~

Skirt: DreamV
Boots: Spring

Just an experiment with a more mature & darker look. I finally got my roots done that day by Viki and we tried Sultra curling iron on my hair. The result were gorgeous soft waves that I absolutely adore. I seriously need that baby in my life.

I hadn't worn black for a while so this was a refreshing change. I finally got to wear my beloved Napoleon-style skirt from DreamV. A gold cross necklace was put together to complete the look .

For some reasons, I think  in the photos taken with iPhone, I look so much better than those taken with my camera. Anyway, I absolutely love this look since it is quite different than my usual style.

What do you think?

I hung out with my girls that night, checking out a popular noodle soup place in Richmond. You can make/customize your noodle soup from broth, noodle type, topping & drink for $7.50, which is quite a good deal.

The service was prompt and the portion was generous. We all enjoyed our food, although the broth was a bit too salty for my liking. I would definitely come back there ~.

Afterwards, since we were all too stuffed to go for cheesecake/BBT, we headed back to one of the girl's house and chatted for quite a while. Mostly it involved venting our frustration about work & a bit gossipping . Overall, a great girl night .

Until next time 


  1. Love this look! It's so cool and I just ADORE your skirt.^^

  2. I like it, you look very casual and lovely. 

  3. Very nice! ^^ Suits your name too (Blackkoi). Good thing that I'm not hungry at the moment because that noodle soup looks YUMMY! 

  4. Aww your outfit is really cute! I love that style *__* it suits you very well! and the hair looks really sweet .
    awwwww noodlesssssss *0*8 and cheesecake!, looks like you had a super yummy dinner XD <3

  5. Oh your outfit is sooooo lovely and cute~!

    I love your style always and you are so cute~~
    And that food looks sooo yummy! *__*

  6. I am in love with your blog and outfits, you are amazing ♥

  7. I think your really cute no matter which style you choose >w<
    So jealous!!
    I'm normally into Lolita&hime-gyaru as well but sometimes I want to try changing my looks,too.

    btw,your have such a sweet blog ^ ^
    I've just started writing blog not so long ago,so if it's ok pls visit my blog sometimes.

  8. Cool look and nice hairstyle ^-^

  9. Cute outfit (: and the food looks scrumptious making me hungry ;(! 

    CMPang x 

  10. awww, you look so cute! Beautiful hair~ and food looks so delicious ^^

  11. I miss your posts! :((


  12. OMG THAT SKIRT! It's gorgeous and looks completely lovely on you.

    Your hair look fab. I also need that curler in my life haha (⌒ω⌒)ゞ☆

  13. I think you look so cute!


  14. its like a dream here with pink thinkings & lovely creation

    visit from Turkey

  15. nice pictures. you look really cute.

    x Daisy


  16. I Love your outfit! You looks super cute!!! <3


  17. Omg! You're so cute !


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  19. Michaela MozolováMay 5, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    just wonderful as always ^^

  20. It's a very cute look ^_^

    Love the hair

  21. holy shit i love that food

    you look cute, I like your outfit!

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  25. U look so cute. Love your skirt <3

  26. Your outfit is really beautiful ~♥

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  29. ayumi.kirschbluetenzeitMay 5, 2013 at 3:34 AM

    Just found your blog & it is so nice. You look adorable.
    So sad that there are not any newer posts.
    Did you stopped blogging completly?