I've been Asleep for a Long, Long Time

Tights: Secret Shop
Shoes: DreamV

Vancouver has been really cold lately with snow and expected freezing rain, much to my dismay. This means there won't be lovely day under the sun until maybe February. Cold weather and me don't mix well together, particularly since I dislike wearing jeans and flat boots when going out. Thick & long coats do not flatter me well either, considering my height. At least it wasn't heavy snow, only flurries throughout the day.

Nonetheless, I still try to wear cute clothes. The concept for above look is old-school elegance and romance. I'm not sure if this achieves the desired image. I think it would work better with a more plain-looking white blazer, but this is the only white blazer I have .

This co-ordinate has few layers to actually keep me warm. I wore tank top and long sleeves shirt inside the blazer. The skirt is long and made of thick material. I also wore thick woollen shorts inside to add extra warmth. The blazer was given to me as gift from my aunt few years ago. This was my first time wearing it actually

I really like this pair of shoes, especially since they are the only retro-looking shoes I have. They have lovely details with floral lining on the inside. The shoes really boost up my height as well, with 13cm high heels and 2cm thick platform. The platform also makes the shoes comfortable and more ideal for long walk, compared to my usual high heels. The only problem is that I have to be more careful and avoid running since tripping in these babes would be really really painful  .

Overall, I really like this look. Just one concern of mine is that this co-ordinate gives off a more otome vibe than gyaru. I've been trying to read and understand more about otome-kei but am still more confused than not. Would any reader help me? Does this consider otome?

 Hair of the day. I was trying to recreate an old look but wasn't successful. It was okay but not exactly what I had in mind. Styling hair can be really frustrating for me sometimes, when certain styles seem so simple but I can't seem to "get it".

Dress:  Liz Lisa
Necklace: Mori-Fans
Boots: Pinky Rose

Just a simple co-ordinate I wear many times when I'm too lazy to come up with something creative. The dress is quite warm and perfect for fall weather. During winter, I need a thick long jacket outside. I really like the detail and material of this dress. The lace trim is quite lovely. And I have to mention my favourite golden cage necklace. It doesn't show up so much in the photo though.

Let me know what you think

Until next time~


  1. Woww! I know what you mean, it is snowing here! Your outfit is so cute~!

  2. You are so cute *__*
    I totally love the first outfit!!!
    This is so amazing!! :)

  3. I really really love the second dress :D I wish I had it :(
    In my opinion it's also really cold where I live, but actually it's way too warm over here^^ I think about 10 °C too warm (still cold!)


  4. Back in my home country, the coldest it ever gets is 9 degree Celsius. So pretty much anything lower than that is too cold for me :P

  5. Your outfit is really beautiful, I like how simple it is.


  6. Your outfit is so cute! You pull off that style so well. I'd look silly in that style but you suit it nicely ^_^.

  7. loving this adorable outfit (: really cute!, and loving your con! 

    CMPang x

  8. I'm glad it turned out well :). And thanks <3

  9. Such cute coords!!!!! >.< One day I will be able to post coords like this xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  10. You definitely had pulled off the romantic and elegant look. It really suits you! ^^ As for the Otome look, from what I can glimpse off of Google, I can sort of see where the Otome vibe is coming from, what with the simple and sweet old-classic look going on. Unfortunately I won't be of much help since I didn't really know about the fashion up until now. xD You look lovely none-the-less. Love the golden cage necklace!