Ready to Start

Jumperskirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Bunny Ears:  Baby the Stars Shine Bright 
Tights: Secret Shop
Boots: DreamV

How is everyone new year so far? 
Mine has been quite kind   , despite minor setback from last year. The new year day had been a great start, with my boyfriend taking me out on a nice date. Maybe since it was new year and I wanted it to be special, I decided to deck out in lolita .

My first attempt :P  
I love this Paris Window JSK. It always make me feel lovely yet elegant, yet I actually don't wear this baby often enough . The photo above was my first attempt of the night, which was actually so not warm enough for Vancouver weather  . It gets dark really quickly since it's still winter; not to mention I rarely finish getting ready before 4pm . Therefore most of my outfit shots are taken indoor by either my sis or poor boyfriend. Of course, I force him always .

The editing for the final photo took quite long since I didn't have much of a concept to begin with . My inspiration came from Gothic Lolita Bible vol. 40, and bits and pieces of Christmas Carol: ghosts of the past, the present and the future .  Well, just hope you'll like it .

As you can see, I play around with editing quite a lot . I have installed a new program recently and while it's fun, I think I still have a lot to learn . Also, I tried my hands at editing RAW photos, instead of regular JPG and gosh, it's tough . In the end, I go back to JPG .

Anyway, back to the date. The weather was great, which was a good thing since Vancouver loves to rain   . We went for a cheesecake cafe in Richmond, called Yavis.

Rainbow After Dark & White Romance cheesecake
I got Rainbow After Dark glacier cheesecake with hot white mocha; while my boyfriend chose the classic White Romance cheesecake. They are both delicious .  

The decor is contemporary, fresh and modern. The service is prompt and courteous which is a big plus for Asian cafe . I love the cute salt and pepper shakers. Look at how they fit each other! So cute ! Dining at Yavis was a pleasant experience. I would definitely comeback there with my girls .

Afterwards, my boyfriend took me to see Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. It was so much fun . I had never watched any Mission Impossible before but I totally enjoyed it. The action scenes were exciting, minus some minor plot holes. There was a solid plots and lovable characters with numerous funny moments. I love the soundtrack as well, especially in the Kremlin scenes. It was so epic .

Anyway, this is kinda overdue . Here are my New Year Resolutions :
1. Find a full-time job
2. Save more money
3. Improve my style
4. Lose weight and be happy
5. Renovate my blog
I will try my best this years to reach these goals . Hopefully achieve number 1 really soon ~. I really want to find a job that suits my personality and enables me to perform at my best .

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope you all have a wonderful start .


  1. You look very cute wearing this dress! <3

  2. You look great!  I think the girls (like you!) who also like gyaru look the best in lolita because they also have the lashes/lenses/makeup to make the look perfect.

    This inspires me!  I am trying to do lolita more often this year.  :)

  3. Very cute coord! I especially love the bunny ears!

    And that cheesecake looks amazing =x And best of luck with your resolutions! Keep us posted :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. The bunny ears! :D They make the outfit 100x more kawaii!

  5. Victoria Allen HopeJanuary 4, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    ahh *--* How cute;.; I loved you outfit and the bunny years ;^;
    My new year was amazing <3
    kiss kiss

  6. You look so cute! ^^ I completely agree with the other posters, it is the bunny ears that gives the outfit the cuteness factor! <3 The JSK is really elegant and looks great on you! The cheesecake looks delicious and the salt and pepper shakers look precious!

    Good luck on your resolutions and Happy New Year!

  7. Nice post, thanks for sharing ♥ seems like you really enjoyed that date~ your outfit looks incredible cute ♥

  8. You are always so kind to me. Thank you :).

  9. That's great to hear. Hopefully this week is great for you as well. Much love 

  10. It makes everything better ^.~

  11. Thank you. I'll try my best XD

  12. That is so sweet of you to say :). I think some girls can be naturally cute in lolita w/o make-up; it's just not me :P.

    And you should XD. Maybe something like hime/aristocrat would suit you ^.~

  13. You look super adorable with these bunny ears!